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Cease & Desist Notice and Correction and Retraction Demand Clarification from William M. Windsor

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To those who have published false and/or defamatory information about me: CEASE AND DESIST.  Continued false and/or defamatory statements about me should be viewed by law enforcement as stalking and should be viewed by judges and juries as evidence of malice, bad faith, and reckless disregard.

As to my demands for corrections and retractions, it is too late for anyone to correct and retract statements made over 30 days ago.  But if you have made false and/or defamatory statements about me in the last 30 days, I demand that you correct and retract.


Correct and make a retraction of all of the false and/or defamatory information published within 30 days.  If you don’t have absolute proof that your published statements are true, then issue a correction and retraction.  The correction and retraction must include the following: (1) Give your legal name, address, and contact information. (2) List each false and/or defamatory statement with a specific statements that it is false and a retraction.  So, if 3,000 false and defamatory statements have been made, 3,000 separate corrections and retractions must be published.  (3) Publish this on Joeyisalittlekid’s website, and it must also appear on each and every website where the false and/or defamatory information has been spread on the Internet.  So, if the information has spread to 1,500,000 web pages, the correction and retraction must appear on all 1,500,000.  (4) Email me at nobodies@att.net This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with the links to each and every published correction and retraction; put this in all caps in the subject line: CORRECTION AND RETRACTION.

There are hundreds of screen names who have published false and/or defamatory information on joeyisalittlekid.blogspot.com.  I ask whoever is the owner/operator of that site to publish this article on that site so all of the people who frequent that site know the truth and know of this demand to cease and desist and for corrections and retractions. 

It is impossible for me to list each specific false and/or defamatory statement as yet because there are thousands, if not tens of thousands, of false and/or defamatory statements or support for such statements, and I have not yet been able to read everything.

I have thus far been unable to get a Texas court to enjoin these folks and force them to take down all the defamatory material.  Until that is done, I feel I have no choice but to deny all the defamation here.

If you haven’t been keeping up with Lawless America and me, you may be surprised to learn that a gang of cyberstalkers has viciously defamed William M. Windsor with thousands of false and defamatory statements online

Let this serve as a Cease and Desist notice to all my cyberstalkers as well as a Correction and Retraction Request

Through March 2014, there were over 320 articles filling over 7,000 pages on Joeyisalittlekid.blogspot.com, written by about 700 screen names, 99% of which are aliases or anonymous

In this unprecedented case of defamation and conspiracy by a sleazy group of people, I will seek to have each and every person who has participated in stalking, harassing, defaming me, inflicting emotional distress on me, to be ruled co-conspirators, so each should be found jointly and severally liable for the total amount of damages awarded by the juryI anticipate that this could be one of the largest defamation awards ever — certainly well in excess of $10 million, hopefully in excess of $100 million.  I will use examples of other jury awards in the millions, and I will calculate the amount of the punitive damages per defamatory statement.  I will then ask the jury to multiply that amount times the number of defamatory statements proven in my case.  The result should be a gargantuan number

William M. Windsor

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