Bill Windsor seeks funding for Lawless America…The Movie


Bill Windsor is seeking some funding for Lawless America…The Movie.

A film pro who has joined our movie team suggested that seeking some funding would be the best use of some of my time at this stage.

So, I have begun contacting various sources for funding and grants….

Here’s the Pitch:

Unfortunately, justice is a scarce commodity in our courts.  I am an independent write-in candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives, and I am about to drive to all 50 state capitals filming a documentary about judicial corruption while creating over 500 videos along the way.  I am writing to you because I am seeking funding for “Lawless America.”

There are compelling reasons why this film needs to be made.  At the risk of sounding melodramatic, America is broken.  We have lost our fundamental rights, but 99.99% of Americans do not even realize it.  Educating a wide audience is essential if there is any hope that we can bring about reform.  Corrupt courts are destroying people’s lives.  The legal system is being abused by the select few with the “right connections.”


I am a victim of judicial and government corruption. I used to have a comfortable retirement saved from years of work as a corporate CEO.  My savings was “stolen” in a lawsuit that was completely made up.  The plaintiffs admitted this in their depositions, but the federal judge ignored all of their admissions and ruled against me.  In fighting this, I have become an expert on judicial corruption.


I succeeded in presenting my charges to a grand jury only to have the corrupt judges and district attorney block me from access to the courthouse to continue my testimony and present the evidence that the grand jury requested.  Then every judge and government official who I turned to for help denied me any recourse.


But mine is just one of tens of thousands of stories.  I have over 600 people who have submitted information requesting to be interviewed for the film.  There are unbelievable stories of abuse and corruption from people in all walks of life and all circumstances.  This movie will be a tearjerker.


This is a Pulitzer-prize winning story that the mainstream media will not cover because they are afraid of the judges.  99.99% of the people in America will benefit from this film.


Due to my efforts, I was encouraged to become a candidate for Congress.  This caused me to think that I can use the trip to obtain testimony for Congress.  So, all 600+ people who I film will deliver a three-minute statement as testimony to Congress.  We will send all of the testimony from each state to the state legislators, and we will send all filmed nationwide to every member of the U.S. House and Senate.


The urgency with this project is that this should be filmed before the elections in November.  We want the testimony videos that we film to become part of the dialogue during elections in every state.


This is a no-budget project so far.  We have no money.  We do have professional equipment needed to do the job, the promise of an RV, a credit card, many volunteers, research galore, and all of the subjects to be filmed.  To do the job right, we need money for travel expenses, and we would like to hire two documentary professionals to travel with me and an author/driver volunteer.  More than anything else, we could use a few clerical people to handle the emails and calls, send news releases, and handle a wide variety of duties.


This article provides extensive information about the project –


I respectfully submit that there could not be a more appropriate place for a grant.

So, we’ll see what happens.  If any of you know of people who provide funding for movies, have grants for worthwhile purposes, or who you feel might be interested for any reason, please forward this article to them.

Any and all suggestions are welcome.

William M. Windsor

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