Bill Windsor of Lawless America accused of being a sovereign citizen and a killer


Bill Windsor of Lawless America has been accused of being a sovereign citizen and a killer.

These charges have been made by attorney Anthony Santoro of the law firm of Winters and Cohen of Concord, New Hampshire..

I’m Bill Windsor, and I ain’t no sovereign citizen!  And I have never threatened to kill anyone. 

Anthony Santoro has filed FALSE pleadings with the District Court in Sullivan County, New Hampshire.

Here is the motion filed by attorney Anthony Santoro for serial liar, Winston Frost.  This is filed in a case where Winston Frost is trying to evict his wife, Tanya Hathaway, from their home.  It’s a long story better understood by reading articles at  
What a slimy guy this Anthony Santoro is to file such a frivolous, false, outrageous motion.  Winston Frost may actually be writing this garbage, and I can’t wait to find out.

Two years ago, I received a call from the FBI in Detroit, Michigan.  It really was an FBI agent as I wouldn’t speak with him unless I called the FBI office and was put through to him.  The FBI Agent indicated that ***** of Michigan reported that I was a sovereign citizen and planned to kill every government official in America.  ***** is one of the sickest members of the Joeyisalittlekid GangHe will say or write just about anything, especially false and defamatory things.
So, I asked the FBI Agent whether he had seen or my Facebook Page.  He said he had.  I asked: “Well, have you seen anything that I have written that would indicate I have ever said any such thing or that I have any sovereign citizen beliefs?”  He said no, but he said I had a number of sovereign citizen-types who post on my Facebook Page from time to time.  I told him that the page promotes a movie, that I had 51,000 followers, and that there was every imaginable type of person in that group.  All had just one thing in common: we all want to expose the fact that there is rampant corruption in the judiciary, law enforcement, and the government.  Government employees committing criminal acts.  That is what my website is about.  ALL honest judges and law enforcement personnel think I am a patriot, as they should.  I don’t have a sovereign citizen bone in my body.
His “investigation” ended right there.
So, these slimy criminals are at it again.  The latest is that I threatend to kill someone and am wanted by law enforcement to stand trial for the death threat, supposedly facing seven years in a penitentiary in some unidentified location.  According to a New London, New Hampshire man, Gary Mattos, this is all fact.  He says he was told this by his attorney, Susan Hankin-Birke of McSwiney, Semple, Hankin-Birke & Wood, P.C. of New London, New Hampshire.  Susan Hankin-Birke has been asked to admit or deny whether this is true.  She has failed to respond.  But Gary Mattos has been spewing hate.
This Anthony Santoro character also published in court documents that I am “on the lam.”  No, but I saw some lambs not long ago.  Very cute little lambs.
Oh, and according to attorney Anthony Santoro, I videotape depositions, edit them, and then publish them online.  Anthony Santoro and Winston Frost made this up because one of the world’s biggest liars, Winston Frost, is trying to avoid a deposition.  I have never filmed a deposition and edited it to show only what I want.  I filmed an empty chair once when the deponent didn’t show up.  But I have never filmed a person’s deposition and posted it anywhere.  I have never done anything vexatious in any court, and any alleged order that claims I have is void.
The beauty of this is that Tanya Hathaway should now be able to depose the pathological liar who allegedly reported this and attorney Anthony Santoro, who should be disbarred for filing such outrageous stuff with no evidence whatsoever.  I get to find out who the “informant” is.  I have a short list.  Surely it is Sean Boushie, *****, Renee Harrington, or Casey P. HargroveThese are all people whose entire life centers on me.  They are social outcasts who get their jollies in life out of cyberstalking, defamation, harassment, and threats against me.
On April 28, 2014, I published a Correction and Retraction Demand in which I demanded these criminals cease and desist their defamation about “sovereign citizen” and other false claims.  I have also filed numerous sworn affidavits under penalty of perjury stating exactly the same things.  The facts are well-documented in courts.  I have written extensively about these sick cyberstalkers and how they operate.
To my friends who may consider themselves to be “sovereign citizens,” sorry but I think the sovereign citizen stuff is all a bunch of crap.  Ridiculous thoughts by very confused people.
To those who don’t understand the meaning of any of this: There are people who want to stop Bill Windsor from exposing corrupt judges, corrupt law enforcement officials, and those who lie in court for a living.  The members of the Joeyisalittlekid Gang of cyberstalkers face what could be a $100 million judgment in court for their defamation, so they’d like to see Bill Windsor dead or locked up until he dies.  One of them has shot at and attempted to kill Bill Windsor, and others have threatened him with death or bodily harm.  The sad truth is that they may be better off if they Kill Bill.
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