Bill Windsor is Still Alive and Out and About – End of Day 14


Bill Windsor is alive and “out and about” at 7:54 pm Mountain Time on January 11, 2015 — Day 14 as a “wanted” man.

Corrupt people in Montana and Texas are attempting to put Bill Windsor in prison for life for the crimes of filming a documentary movie exposing corruption, sending an email to an attorney required by federal law, and allegedly sending a Tweet.  The movie industry will be called upon to Boycott Montana, and I suspect being charged with a felony for use of Twitter could get some folks’ attention.  Two years per Tweet.  That’s two years in The Big House per Tweet.

Bill Windsor advises everyone to be watching for some media coverage early next week…

Today was a productive day of work and a disappointing day of Dallas Cowboys football.  He caught the ball; the rule needs to be changed or properly interpreted.  

Bill Windsor worked on three initiatives today.  First was an effort to expose the corruption in Ellis County Texas.

Second was to set up a website to show the world what the UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA EMPLOYEE has done to me over the last two years.  It is a massive cyberstalking, harassment, stalking, threatening, criminal effort.  And he has gotten away with it because he is protected by law enforcement and the courts.  Corrupt Judge John W. Larson of the Missoula County Montana Fourth Judicial District claims that Bill Windsor is not allowed to publish this man’s name.  We have referred to him as SUSHI in the past as his name starts with B and rhymes with SUSHI, but a website has now been set up — www.UniversityOfMontanaEmployee.com, and we are putting all of the information and evidence on that site.  Search and replace has been used to replace his real name with UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA EMPLOYEE.  If Bill Windsor decides to stand firmly on his First Amendment rights to expose a criminal with the truth, search and replace will be used to put his real name back in. 

Bill Windsor also continues setting up web pages to expose the notorious Joeyisalittlekid gang of vicious cyberstalkers who he has sued in William M. Windsor v. Joeyisalittlekid, et al.  Joeyisalittlekid Gang members include Albert Fiorini, Allie Overstreet, Betsi Bixby, Ellis County Judge Bob Carroll, Brandy Owen, Brannon Bridge, Brenda Williamson, Carrie Walters, Casey P. Hargrove, Cheryl Sosby, Claudine Dombrowski, Clyde Hargrove, Mrs. Clyde Hargrove, Connie Bedwell, Curtis W. Butler, Dale Trowbridge, David Hargrove, Deanna Kloostra, Deborah Parks, Diane Gochin, Gail Lakritz, Hargrove Real Estate of Red Oak Texas, James Stilipec, Jay Hoskins, Jennifer Dotson, Ellis County Sheriff Johnny Brown, Kathy Carroll, KC Hargrove, Kellie McDougald, Kimberly Wigglesworth, Kinley Hardin, L Wilson, Lisa Jones, Lorraine Tipton, Loryn Ryder, Madeline Hargrove, Mark Supanich, Mary Bagnaschi, Megan Van Zelfden, Melanie White, Michelle Stilipec, Morgan Hargrove, Nancy Rolfe, Ellis County District Attorney Patrick Wilson, Renee Harrington, Sam Round, SUSHI (University of Montana employee whose name I am allegedly not able to print), Sean D. Fleming, Shannon Miller aka Elizabeth Hope Hernandez, Shonda Hargrove, Sid Wallingford Gray, Stacy Emerson, TinyFeetnHands and the University of Montana, and Trinity Baker.  These pages will ultimately include the worst of the defamatory statements and claims that Bill Windsor committed crimes for each of the lowlife who published such outrageously false things.  Since the courts have not yet held these evil people accountable, Bill Windsor doesn’t want to be sent to prison for life for Tweets without getting the evidence on these people out there for the court of public opinion to judge.

Bill Windsor will continue to post one article here morning and night so those who care will know if he is still free and still alive.

William M. Windsor does now have what’s called a “burner” phone.  It’s a cellphone that can’t be traced to him.  So, if you need to speak with Bill Windsor, please leave a message on currently confidential, and Bill will try to call you back.  But he only checks that phone every couple of days in the event District Attorney Patrick Wilson is on the case.

Bill Windsor’s email accounts continue to be hacked.  Try Pro-Se-1@outlook.com and WindsorInMontana@yahoo.com.

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Photo copyright Friends of Bill Windsor.

If you don’t know the story of Bill Windsor’s illegal incarceration, please read it.  Part 1 is the background to the story.  Part 2 discusses when Bill Windsor was handcuffed and taken to jail from a hearing in a civil suit that he filed against the people who have viciously defamed him in what is the largest case of defamation in U.S. historyPart 3 details early days in jail and attempts to get someone/anyone to help; the conspiracy to keep William M. Windsor in jail begins to come to lightPart 4 covers events from November 26, 2014 through December 2, 2014 as the corruption of Judge Bob Carroll erupts in full bloomPart 5 introduces Ellis County Texas District Attorney Patrick Wilson into the corruption picturePart 6 leads to a December 19, 2014 at which Bill Windsor was ordered released by Judge Cindy ErmtingerBill Windsor was never arrested, just illegally incarcerated for 53 days — a political prisoner!

If you want to reach Bill Windsor, his home address is 5013 S Louise Ave #1134, Sioux Falls, SD 57108.  That mail gets forwarded to him once a week.  His new email is WindsorInMontana@yahoo.comHis phone is currently confidential, but it is not answered; messages are checked by dialing in to Verizon from a state far, far away, and Bill receives an email with the name, number, and one sentence summary of each message.

For the Lawless America videos, see www.YouTube.com/lawlessamerica.  Bill Windsor’s Facebook page is www.facebook.com/billwindsor1


William M. Windsor


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