Bill Windsor is Still Alive and Not Incarcerated – End of Day 10


Bill Windsor is alive and not incarcerated at 6:00 pm Pacific Time on January 7, 2015 en route to somewhere, but maybe not where originally planned or when originally planned.

Corrupt people in Montana and Texas are attempting to put Bill Windsor in prison for life for the crimes of filming a documentary movie exposing corruption and mailing legal mail to a criminal in Montana.

Gee, Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Clark of Missoula Montana won’t tell Bill Windsor what he is charged with…

At the suggestion of Pat Brady, Bill Windsor has quit saying he is alive and free, because none of us are free anymore in America.  We’ve lost fundamental human rights and our Constitutional rights.  The 1% who hold the power do whatever they want, and the rest of us are very misguided if we think we are free.

Bill Windsor spent some time today working on changing his appearance so he won’t be so easily recognized by Dog the Bounty Hunter or a crack member of the Ellis County District Attorney’s Office or the Missoula Montana District Attorney’s Office.  Bill Windsor has certainly aged since he was illegally incarcerated, illegally denied bond, and illegally denied discharge from the Ellis County Jail.  Bill Windsor is thinking about dying his hair, perhaps a multi-color look with some extensions. 

Still nothing to report on a Montana attorney for Bill Windsor.  Some speculate that William M. Windsor may not be able to find an attorney to represent him, for a variety of reasons.  Bill Windsor would enjoy representing himself, but he says it would certainly be nice to know what in the world he is charged with…or if it is even him.  Can you imagine that Jennifer Clark and the Missoula Montana District Attorney have kept the charges against Bill Windsor a deep dark secret?  Bill Windsor says he won’t be totally shocked if he gets to Montana, turns himelf in, and learns that he is charged with being a serial killer and a mass murderer.  The Joeys have published that before.

The day was again consumed with all types of phone calls and errands.  Quite a bit of time was spent unsuccessfully trying to find a bank.  Then another hour or so at a United States Post Office sending love letters to all the Joeys.  Bill Windsor spent over an hour on the phone trying to resolve one matter, but alas, no email as promised.  Back at that one again tomorrow.  Phone calls have to be planned as Bill Windsor will only place calls from where he isn’t.  So he drives to another town to use the phone in case Dog the Bounty Hunter, Samuel Gerard, or Inspector Closeau is hot on his trail.

Bill Windsor filed two motions with the United States District Court for South Dakota today, and he sent three filings to the Clerk of the Court in Ellis County, Texas.

Bill Windsor has announced that he will resume filming.  He hopes to have at least one new video on www.YouTube.com/lawlessamerica this week.

Bill Windsor will continue to post one article here morning and night so those who care will know if he is still free and still alive.

William M. Windsor does now have what’s called a “burner” phone.  It’s a cellphone that can’t be traced to him.  So, if you need to speak with Bill Windsor, please leave a message on currently confidential, and Bill will try to call you back.  But he only checks that phone every couple of days in the event District Attorney Patrick Wilson is on the case.

Bill Windsor’s email accounts continue to be hacked.  Try Pro-Se-1@outlook.com and WindsorInMontana@yahoo.com.

Photo copyright Bill Windsor.

If you don’t know the story of Bill Windsor’s illegal incarceration, please read it.  Part 1 is the background to the story.  Part 2 discusses when Bill Windsor was handcuffed and taken to jail from a hearing in a civil suit that he filed against the people who have viciously defamed him in what is the largest case of defamation in U.S. historyPart 3 details early days in jail and attempts to get someone/anyone to help; the conspiracy to keep William M. Windsor in jail begins to come to lightPart 4 covers events from November 26, 2014 through December 2, 2014 as the corruption of Judge Bob Carroll erupts in full bloomPart 5 introduces Ellis County Texas District Attorney Patrick Wilson into the corruption picturePart 6 leads to a December 19, 2014 at which Bill Windsor was ordered released by Judge Cindy Ermtinger.

Bill Windsor was never arrested, just illegally incarcerated for 53 days — a political prisoner!

If you want to reach Bill Windsor, his home address is 5013 S Louise Ave #1134, Sioux Falls, SD 57108.  That mail gets forwarded to him once a week.  His new email is WindsorInMontana@yahoo.comHis phone is currently confidential, but it is not answered; messages are checked by dialing in to Verizon from a state far, far away, and Bill receives an email with the name, number, and one sentence summary of each message.

William M. Windsor


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