Bill Windsor is in Helena Montana – Capital of the State of Montana


Bill Windsor is in Helena Montana, Capital of the State of Montana.

This is the Montana State Capitol.  It appropriately ranks as one of the least attractive Capitol buildings in America...

I am working my little fingers to the bone preparing to visit the Federal Courthouse here, the FBI, the ACLU, the Montana Supreme Court, and at least one mainstream media outlet. I will be doing some filming including filming of government employees at work using one or more of my hidden cameras. This is perfectly legal, and they always enjoy it so much when they see what they did. 

My primary mission is to submit a Motion for a Temporary Restraining Order to the federal court seeking to stop my trial in Missoula. TROs are supposed to be given immediate attention. We shall see.

The issue is that what the Missoula Montana prosecutors are doing is a gross violation of the United States Constitution. It violates the Constitution to try to convict someone for publishing a man’s name, allegedly sending a Tweet containing the name, and sending an email to an attorney with a copy of a court filing. There is absolutely no question that this is all UNconstitutional. But as we know, the facts, the laws, and the Constitutions do not apply to me or you when the prosecutors and judges want to get you. The question is: Will the federal judge in Helena Montana want to go on record as saying that Montana courts do not have to abide by freedom of speech and other alleged Constitutional guarantees.

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For a quick update on Bill Windsor’s saga and upcoming trial, see this summary on LawlessAmerica.com.

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