Bill Windsor is celebrating significant discoveries in corruption directed to him


Bill Windsor is celebrating significant discoveries in corruption directed to him.

This is not Bill Windsor.  This is Texas attorney John K. Vaughan.

Here’s a general update for 7/15 2015…

Sometimes government entities actually respond to Freedom of Information requests.  Sometimes the shredder was not used.  This can result in wonderful discoveries.

The website design is finally back to normal after the attack on our website hosting company.  I remember watching our techie guys over the years, and it seemed to me like what they often did was just keep trying things until something worked.  So, I just kept trying things, and something finally worked.

I have never generated any revenue from advertising on the websites, but I am adding it now.  Ads appeared on the YouTube videos for years, but I never set up a Google AdSense account to receive any payment.  I finally did so last night.  So I encourage you all to go watch each of the 2,000 videos.  🙂

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This is attorney John K. Vaughan’s client, Kellie McDougald.  She is one of the Joeys and a defendant in my Texas lawsuit.  She’s a barmaid, I’m told, in a podunk town.  Can you imagine that Kellie McDougald can afford to pay $25,000 to $50,000 to John K. Vaughan to represent her?  Not a chance.  So, who is paying John K. Vaughan?  And does this provide evidence that Joeys are being paid to do their cyberstalking.  Yep, I believe it does. 

R-I-C-O: I believe this could open up my ability to file a civil lawsuit against at leasst some of the Joeys for organized crime – RICO violations.

We have absolute evidence that the government has paid Sean Boushie to cyberstalk.  I believe we also have information that two attorneys were paid with money that came from someone other than their Joey clients.

If you haven’t seen the photos of my cyberstalkers, you really need to take a look at this Rogues Gallery.  There’s a lot of funny stuff in there.  I love the uncanny similarity between the photos shown for those with screen names and their real-life photos.

For a quick update on Bill Windsor’s saga and upcoming trial, see this summary on

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