Bill Windsor is Alive and Well in the Rape Capital of America – Missoula Montana


Bill Windsor is Alive and Well in the Rape Capital of America – Missoula Montana.

I have just left the Missoula County Courthouse. I was summoned there yesterday afternoon at 4 pm.

I finished some business, packed up, and hit the highway at 8 pm. I only stopped once briefly for gas, and then multiple times trying to get a hotel or motel room.

No cigar.

I finally found a room when I got to Missoula at 7 am...

No traffic and no stops, so I made what was a 13 hour trip in 11 hours. I slept a few hours, printed some documents, and raced to the courthouse for the 2:00 pm Preliminary Pre-Trial Conference.

It was quite a surprise. Judge James A. Haynes was positive toward my case for the first time. He still browbeat me a bit, but he admonished Sean Boushie for trying to file something in the case. He then gave me three options and let me decide how the case would move forward. I chose the extension of time for two months. The trial will probably now be in December.

Now for the really good news. He indicated that it may be appropriate to dismiss the charges. COULD HAVE KNOCKED ME OVER WITH A FEATHER!
Deputy Missoula County Attorney Jennifer Clark has been instructed to submit a brief explaining why the Temporary Order of Protection (“TOP”) was still valid (since there was never a hearing as required by law. And since the TOP stated that it expired after 20 days on September 16, 2013.0 The bogus charges are for things that happened between December 30, 2013 and October 4, 2014. I then get to file a reply.

The trial will probably be rescheduled for December, and it’s possible that the case could get dismissed within the next few weeks.

So, I didn’t mind driving all night when this happened. Of course it could just be a set-up. I trust no one in a courtroom.

Judge James A. Haynes didn’t say anything about the federal court threat made by Jennifer Clark a few weeks ago. I don’t believe she ever spoke to the U.S. Attorney, but I aim to try to find out.

He also didn’t say anything about the federal court action that I am filing in Helena Montana against him and others to declare that what these folks have done here in the Rape Capital of America raped my Constitutional rights.

Jennifer Clark wants to discuss settlement again.

More to report, but I am a sleepy guy.

I am headed to Helena, the capital of Montana, where I will attempt to get a temporary restraining order and injunction to stop the case. I’m going to stop by the Montana State Prison in Deer Lodge to see if I can get a tour as I could spend seven years there.


I appreciate all the wonderful comments, text messages, and calls. I slept for two hours and hit Fuddruckers. Best restaurant in Missoula. I always let them pick a name for me. I was Bruce Wayne tonight.

I am headed to the Montana State Prison and Helena (capital of Montana) in the morning. I will ask for a tour at the prison smile emoticon Then I will burn the candle at both ends to finish my Petition for Writ of Certiorari to the U.S. Supreme Court arguing that an American is supposed to have an unbiased judge and a fair trial. This has to be postmarked Monday. Then Tuesday, I will go to the United States District Court for Montana and attempt to see a judge to seek a Temporary Restraining Order and Preliminary Injunction to stop my trial because what Montana has done and is doing is a gross violation of the U.S. Constitution.

Some folks didn’t want to believe this is true, but at the federal courthouse in Atlanta, my 8×10 color photo was posted at every entrance. President Obama’s was on the wall; mine was in the security station drawers and on the wall in the U.S. Marshal’s Office. I was proud and just a little bit humble. One of the people who I filmed in Atlanta was in line behind a courier service that I used to file my motions. He saw them pull the photo out when the guard saw who the filing was for. I always had at least one U.S. Marshal accompanying me every time I was in the federal courthouse for the last couple of years there.

Now, my main reason for an update is that I don’t want folks to get too excited about what happened today. Perhaps Judge James A. Hayes was sincere, but as it was a 180, this may just be a set up — a way for the judge to rule that the temporary order of protection remained valid so I am eliminated from using that in my defense. Then again, I am hoping that he read enough of my seven motions to dismiss that he realizes there are big issues, and a 600-day TEMPORARY order of protection is the lowest-hanging fruit.

I received a few hundred pages of my Freedom of Information request from Missoula County Attorney Jennifer Clark today. There were a few interesting things in there, but most interesting is what I know she has that wasn’t produced.

I think today’s action by Judge James A. Haynes caught Jennifer Clark by surprise, She didn’t really have anything to say.

I spoke to the attorney who attended the witness interviews with me. He believes I caught Jennifer Clark with her pants down. He doesn’t believe she ever spoke with the U.S. Attorney’s Office. So I am darn sure issuing Freedom of Information Requests on all that.

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