Bill Windsor is Alive and Well between Dallas, Texas and Missoula, Montana


Bill Windsor is alive and well between Dallas Texas and Missoula Montana.

The Gestapo is out trying to arrest Bill Windsor at this time.

Bill Windsor is driving slow and very cautiously in hopes of avoiding any contact with law enforcement.


I planned to surrender myself in Missoula Montana because Ellis County Judge Cindy Ermatinger gave me a personal recognizance bond based upon either appearing at a hearing before her on January 21, 2015 or turning myself in to authorities in Montana.  That’s why I’m on the road.

But today, a hearing was held without me that I received no notice of, and Judge Ermatinger says I have to pay $100,000.  So much for thinking she liked me.  I’m still headed to Montana, but the $100,000 changes the picture.

I learned about the hearing at 5:00 pm the night before.  I filed a Motion to Cancel and a Motion for Continuance.  My motion should have been granted.


William M. Windsor


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