Bill Windsor gets mainstream media coverage of trip and candidacy for U.S. House of Representatives Seat


The Marietta Daily Journal (the newspaper in the town where I live, has just published an article about the trip and my candidacy for U.S. House of Representatives.

Please click on this link, and add a comment to the article. “Windsor of Marietta to vie for District 6 seat.”

As my regular readers know, my only hope of getting votes is if the word gets spread organically, so please comment.

Write-in candidate Bill Windsor of Marietta, Georgia, 63, is setting off on a cross country crusade next week to wrest U.S. House of Representatives District 6, which includes Sandy Springs, from incumbent Tom Price, R-Roswell.

Windsor will be collecting footage as producer and director of the upcoming documentary “Lawless America…The Movie,” ending at the seat of the Georgia Legislature under the Gold Dome in downtown Atlanta.

“Rather than campaign, I am leaving June 14 on a 143-day trip driving to all 50 state capitals. I am recording testimony that I will present to Congress from as many as 1,000 citizens who have experienced government and judicial corruption,” he said.

Fighting corruption is one of the top three issues for the independent candidate, who by Sept. 4 will file his affidavit for write-in candidacy for the Nov. 6 election.

“I will always be absolutely honest and I will work tirelessly to expose the dishonest and corrupt government officials,” said Windsor. “I will initiate impeachment proceedings against corrupt federal judges and others.”

Constitutional rights are another cornerstone of the platform of the father and grandfather.

“I will defend the fundamental rights that we were granted by our founding fathers,” Windsor said. “I will fight everything and anyone who deprives us of those rights.” 

The 1971 graduate from the business program at Texas Tech University in Lubbock has “exceptional” business experience, he said.

“I spent my entire career as the president or CEO of companies, many that I owned myself. I was the CEO of a Bain Capital company when Mitt Romney was the chairman of the board at Bain,” Windsor said about Independence, Ohio-based 1st Communications, a subsidiary of the Boston-based investment firm led by the GOP presidential candidate from 1984 to 1999.

Common sense in economics is, therefore, another priority for Windsor.

“If the members of Congress were employees in one of my companies, I would have long since fired them for incompetence and dishonesty,” he said. “We have no business spending more money than we bring in.”

While Windsor is a political newcomer — his only elected position was in student government — he said his main qualification is his frankness.

“My relevant experience is that I am honest,” he said. “I anticipate that I will be the only honest elected official in Washington if I get elected. There has never been anyone like me in Congress — an independent who is afraid of no one and indebted to no one.”

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