Bill Windsor exposes Dale Trowbridge of Holt Michigan as a Pathological Liar


Dale Karin Trowbridge of Holt, Michigan is a member of the notorious Joeyisalittlekid Gang, and she fits right in with an incredible assortment of sick, evil, pathological liars.

Dale Trowbridge has been telling people for years that she was an investor in Lawless America and that she was screwed out of her money, or words to that effect.

She even posted this on corrupt Ellis County Texas District Attorney Patrick Wilson’s Facebook page featuring William M. Windsor’s Wanted Poster.  Well, here’s the evidence…

In addition to recordings of TalkShoe online radio shows in which Bill Windsor said that he wouldn’t accept any donation from her and shows in which he explained that no investments could be accepted, Bill Windsor has maintained complete files on all T-Shirt sales and donations.  And in those files is the documentation of the dealings with pathological liar Dale Trowbridge.

Dale Trowbridge sent an envelope to Bill Windsor’s wife, not to him.  The envelope contained these documents (attached as links):

The letter makes it clear that this is not an investment, as does the check payable to Bill Windsor’s now ex-wife, and the thank you note.  She wrote: “Thank you for being concerned about my finances.”  And “Please graciously accept my money.”

There are as many as 100 witnesses to the TalkShoe shows.  Bill Windsor told Dale Karin Trowbridge of Holt, Michigan that he did not want to accept a donation from her, and he made it absolutely clear on TalkShoe and on LawlessAmerica.com that there could be no investors.

But the truth doesn’t matter to Dale Karin Trowbridge of Holt, Michigan.  She’s an evil person with just one interest — lying to damage Bill Windsor and the movie.  And the evil members of Joeyisalittlekid Gang know her claims weren’t true, but they presented her word as gospel and sickos like Sam Round of Stockbridge Georgia published that Bill Windsor STOLE money from Dale Trowbridge and others.  Bill Windsor has never stolen a cent in his life!

In 2012, the notorious Joeyisalittlekid Gang turned their destroy sights on William M. Windsor.  What followed is a phenomenal story of evil, sick people and the lengths they will go to in destroying someone.  At least some of the Joeyisalittlekid Gang are government-paid cyberstalkers.  Their mission was to destroy Bill Windsor and his documentary film, Lawless America, that is set to expose government corruption, judicial corruption, and law enforcement corruption.

On December 26, 2013, William M. Windsor filed suit against Joeyisalittlekid and its gang members.  The judicial corruption began almost immediately and escalated to incredible proportions with Ellis County Texas Judge Bob Carroll leading the way in Ellis County Texas corruption.

A lot of people ask me who the Joeys are.  Well, the Joeys is the name I gave to the Joeyisalittlekid Gang.  It is a gang of people who originally came together to destroy Joey Dauben, an Ellis County Texas newspaper reporter and ultimately a publisher of sorts.  His haters seem to have started with people who didn’t like him because he wrote stories about them or friends of theirs.  I was told by the patriarch of the Joeyisalittlekid Gang, Clyde Hargrove of Red Oak Texas, that Casey P. Hargrove posted some comments about Joey Dauben because he had verbally attacked a friend of theirs.  Well, that isn’t true.  The story goes way back before that, to 2004, when kid Joey Dauben was a reporter for the Ellis County newspaper.  Joey Dauben got the assignment to report on the Crime of Casey P. Hargrove of Red Oak Texas.  Casey P. Hargrove set out to destroy Joey Dauben, and he assembled his gang of cutthroats, now known as the Joeyisalittlekid Gang.

Joeyisalittlekid is a notorious gang of people who will say and do anything to destroy people, and Casey P. Hargrove is a member of the gang.  Joeyisalittlekid is headquartered in Ellis County Texas, and it is run by the Hargrove Family of Red Oak, Texas.  The leader of the Joeyisalittlekid Gang is Casey P. Hargrove, and the Joeyisalittlekid Gang is headquartered at Hargrove Real Estate in Red Oak Texas, owned by Clyde Hargrove.

When you read the things that the Joeyisalittlekid gang members write, say, and do, you will think that such evil is not possible.  But it will all be documented right here β€” every evil published statement by the Joeyisalittlekid gang, websites accusing innocent people of horrendous crimes, sickening videos, online radio shows, and more.

Joeyisalittlekid gang members include Casey P. Hargrove and most of the following:

Joeyisalittlekid β€” Albert Fiorini β€” Allie Overstreet β€” American Mothers Political Party β€” Betsi Bixby β€” Brandy Owen β€” Brannon Bridge β€” Brenda Williamson β€” Carrie Walters β€” Casey P. Hargrove β€” Cheryl Sosby β€” Claudine Dombrowski β€” Clyde Hargrove β€” Connie Bedwell β€” Curtis W. Butler β€” Dale Trowbridge β€” David Hargrove –Deanna Kloostra β€” Deborah Parks β€” Diane Gochin β€” Gail Lakritz β€” Hargrove Real Estate β€” Jay Hoskins β€” Jennifer Dotson β€” Kathy A. Carroll β€” KC Hargrove β€” Kellie McDougald β€” Kimberly Wigglesworth β€” Kinley Hardin β€” L Wilson β€” Lisa Jones – Lorraine Tipton β€” Loryn Ryder β€” Madeline Hargrove β€” Mark Supanich β€” Mary Bagnaschi β€” Megan Van Zelfden β€” Melanie White β€” Michelle Stilipec β€” Morgan Hargrove β€” Nancy Rolfe β€” Renee Harrington β€” Sam Round β€” Sean D. Fleming β€” Shannon Miller β€” Sheryl McGrath β€” Shonda Hargrove β€” Sid Wallingford Gray β€” Stacy Emerson β€” Trinity Baker β€” Ellis County District Attorney Patrick Wilson β€” Ellis County Texas Judge Bob Carroll β€” Ellis County Texas Sheriff Johnny Brown β€” University of Montana Employee 

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 Contact Bill Windsor at Pro-Se-1@outlook.com β€“ www.LawlessAmerica.com β€” www.facebook.com/billwindsor1 – www.youtube.com/lawlessamerica β€” www.imdb.com/title/tt2337260/ β€” www.LawlessAmerica.org β€” www.twitter.com/lawlessamerica β€” www.BillWindsor.com

 Photo courtesy of Ellis County Press 

If you don’t know the story of Bill Windsor’s illegal incarceration, please read it.  Part 1 is the background to the story.  Part 2 discusses when Bill Windsor was handcuffed and taken to jail from a hearing in a civil suit that he filed against the people who have viciously defamed him in what is the largest case of defamation in U.S. historyPart 3 details early days in jail and attempts to get someone/anyone to help; the conspiracy to keep William M. Windsor in jail begins to come to lightPart 4 covers events from November 26, 2014 through December 2, 2014 as the corruption of Judge Bob Carroll erupts in full bloomPart 5 introduces Ellis County Texas District Attorney Patrick Wilson into the corruption picturePart 6 leads to a December 19, 2014 at which Bill Windsor was ordered released by Judge Cindy ErmatingerBill Windsor was never arrested, just illegally incarcerated for 53 days — a political prisoner!

If you want to reach Bill Windsor, his home address is 5013 S Louise Ave #1134, Sioux Falls, SD 57108.  That mail gets forwarded to him once a week.  His new email is WindsorInMontana@yahoo.comHis phone is currently confidential, but it is not answered; messages are checked by dialing in to Verizon from a state far, far away, and Bill receives an email with the name, number, and one sentence summary of each message.

For the Lawless America videos, see www.YouTube.com/lawlessamerica.  Bill Windsor’s Facebook page is www.facebook.com/billwindsor1


William M. Windsor


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