Bill Windsor announces his candidacy for U.S. Congress from Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District


William M. Windsor (Bill Windsor) has announced that he is a candidate for U.S. Congress from Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District.

Bill Windsor is running against Dr. Tom Price, a member of Congress who Bill says has ignored his constituents and covered up for the criminal acts of federal judges.

Bill Windsor’s platform is rather unique…

Bill Windsor promises to always be honest and defend the fundamental rights that we were all allegedly granted pursuant to the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  He has signed a Contract with the Citizens of the United States to that effect, and he has given the people the power to remove him from office at any time if he violates the contract.

Conrtrary to the assertions of Dr. Tom Price, the House of Representatives has the sole power to police federal judges through impeachment proceedings.  If elected, Bill Windsor will investigate every federal judge and institute impeachment proceedings.

Bill Windsor believes government is filled with waste that needs to be eliminated.  He stands for a balanced budget and elimination of the national debt.  Beyond these basic points, Bill Windsor’s platform is that he will study every issue and do what he honestly believes is right.

Bill Windsor is an independent candidate who will be accountable to no one but the people.  He will not allow lobbyists to even darken his door.

Bill Windsor will be a write-in candidate because Georgia’s laws have been set up to make it virtually impossible for anyone but a Democrat or Republican to get their name on the ballot.

If elected, Bill Windsor will shake up Congress like it has never been shaken before.  Bill Windsor’s campaign expects to shake things up as well.

As a Candiate for the U.S. Congress, Bill Windsor is beginning his campaign by driving to all 50 states to take the testimony of victims of judicial corruption and government corruption.  This testimony will be presented to Congress.  Bill Windsor’s sole motivating factor in everything that he does is to expose corruption.  He is a candidate for Congress because his candidacy will help expose the rampant corruption.

Bill Windsor originally sought to be a candidate for Chief Magistrate Judge in Cobb County, Georgia.  The law in Georgia is that a magistrate does not have to be an attorney.  Cobb County passed a law since the last election to require that candidates must be an attorney for five years.  Bill Windsor is not an attorney, which is another of the main reasons why he should be elected.


Bill Windsor is not a candidate for this office because he has a desire to hold public office.  This is not at all about Bill.  Bill Windsor is a candidate so he can use his candidacy to help expose the judicial corruption and government corruption that has infected our government.  This election will be used to generate publicity about the horrific problem of corruption in government.

 William M. Windsor

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