Beware of False Prophets — Commander Walter Fitzpatrick attacks William M. Windsor


There are some real jerks out there.  In my opinion, one of them is Commander Walter Fitzpatrick.

Here is an email he is sending around…

Here are two emails.  The emailer’s comments are in black.  Walter’s comments are in red:

Hi, Walt, you might have gotten this already.  Sharon: This isn’t news. It’s not a find. We’ve been saying–over and over–Grand Juries were established to operate on their own authority…to hand down their own Presentments. Windsor’s startin’ to bug me. -Walt Fitzpatrick

I am listening to Bill Windsor’s program. Okay.

Bill sought out the grand jury statues for Fulton County, GA (Atlanta) and discovered that there are no provisions for any involvement in grand jury procedures by the District Attorney or the Prosecutor. Okay.

Bill believes this means that DA’s or PA’s may not instruct or direct or attempt to control grand juries in any way. No kidding? Is that what Mr. Windsor “believes?” Well, as it happens, this information was first made known publicly about this time two years ago. It’s been made known to Mr. Windsor many times since. This isn’t news. Also, to my knowledge, Mr. Windsor so far has failed to advance his own criminal complaint(s) on these issues. I might add Commander LaRocque, neither have you. Neither one of you two men have paid much attention. And that is what is it is.

But for Mr. Windsor I must advise I’m gettin’ real irritated with your self-promotion, grandstanding and sensationalism. I’ll write on this in next time one of your, Mr. Windsor “look at me…look at me” episodes comes to my attention.

If this is true in other jurisdictions, It’s true…but not news! 

then interference in grand juries to block presentment of criminal charges to a grand jury by private citizens may be illegal and may constitute obstruction of justice. It is true and charges are on file with law enforcement agencies regarding government attorneys’ take over and management of Grand Juries.

Also: “Presentments” are not brought to a Grand Jury. “Presentments” come from a Grand Jury. And it’s judges and government attorneys who have taken away the Grand Juries Power of Presentment.

This could be a break to get criminal charges of forgery and other crimes against Barack Obama in front of a grand jury.  It hasn’t been thus far.

Bill’s web site is


I find this outrageously rude.  It seems to me that Walter thinks he is God’s gift to grand juries because he was arrested.  I regret taking my time to call the jail and wish him well when he was locked up.

What I came up with is absolutely new to me.  I do not believe anyone has been (a) working the judge who swore the grand juries in, or (b) filing declaratory judgment actions in each state.

It sickens me when people like Walter demean a sincere effort.  Go away Walter!

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