Ask Mr. Bill about Government Corruption and Judicial Corruption – Thursday March 15, 2012 from 10-12 pm ET


Ask Mr. Bill — Bill Windsor.

Each week, William M. Windsor receives hundreds of emails and telephone calls from people with questions…often looking for help with issues related to government corruption and judicial corruption.

While my heart is in the right place, it has been simply impossible to get to many of those who email and call….

So, I now take two hours every Thursday evening to take calls online, answer questions, and help as many people as I can.  I know a lot about government corruption and judicial corruption, and I know a lot about pro se representation.  I will also answer questions about GRIP — Government Reform & Integrity Platform, and more.

Tonight, I will respond to a variety of questions and comments provided by victims of corruption and pro se parties.

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Many people have called me Mr. Bill over the years. 

Mr. Bill was a Play Doh character on Saturday Night Live.  The licensing rights belong to King Features Syndicate.  I hope they don’t mind my use of a photo of my Mr. Bill doll.

William M. Windsor

I, William M. Windsor, am not an attorney.  This website expresses my OPINIONS.   The comments of visitors or guest authors to the website are their opinions and do not therefore reflect my opinions.  Anyone mentioned by name in any article is welcome to file a response.   This website does not provide legal advice.  I do not give legal advice.  I do not practice law.  This website is to expose government corruption, law enforcement corruption, political corruption, and judicial corruption.   Whatever this website says about the law is presented in the context of how I or others perceive the applicability of the law to a set of circumstances if I (or some other author) was in the circumstances under the conditions discussed.  Despite my concerns about lawyers in general, I suggest that anyone with legal questions consult an attorney for an answer, particularly after reading anything on this website.  The law is a gray area at best.  Please read our Legal Notice and Terms.

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