Arrest Ron Cooper of Kent City, Michigan and Corrupt Judge Patricia Gardner NOW


Ron Cooper of Kent City, Michigan, is a child molester according to his ex-wife, Sharon Cole.  This is an update of a previous article.

I have heard some horrible stories as I tour the country filming a documentary about government and judicial corruption, but this is absolutely the most horiffic story.  

Sharon Cole is one of the victims of judicial corruption and government corruption who is being featured in Lawless America…The Movie.

Sharon Cole married Ron Cooper in 1994.  They had two children.  Sharon says that Ron Cooper was physically and emotonally abusive.

In August 1999, Sharon says Ron Cooper sexually abused his three-year-old daughter.  It was witnessed by his stepson.  Sharon Cole says Ron Cooper cut into his daughter with a knife and was seen standing over her naked.  The little girl’s vagina was cut.  I didn’t understand why the vagina was cut, but Sharon believes it was to make her bigger so her vagina would accomodate his penis.

The doctor’s record confirms that there was sexual abuse, and it also confirms that Sharon’s son reported it to the doctor.  Furthermore, both children reported it to a therapist, and another child reported it as well.  Sharon still has the mattress with her daughter’s blood on it.  All of this was documented by a hospital.  But no one did anything.

The little girl was only three when the abuse happened.  The third sibling, the son who was a witness, is the son who Judge Patricia Gardner gave custody to the father who had previously signed off parental rights; she attempted what I would classify as extorition with Sharon Cole if Sharon would forgive Ron Cooper’ss arrears in child support.  Ron Cooper had not even seen his son since he was six months old.  

Sharon Cole said: “Judge Patricia Gardner gave my son to this man at nine years of age after my son had met his dad on two one-hour visits.  So at nine years, he was taken from the only family he knew and given to a family he knew nothing about.  Judge Patrica Gardner was given letters from Dr. Carol Kramer and the pediatrician asking that my son not be sent to this man.  I have all the letters and documentation.  Also I have $17,000 owed in arrears for child support for myself, and I have had to pay this perpetrator for 12 years.  What I paid in support to this man I could have owned 4 cars.  When I seek a decrease in the amount of child support, it is increased. The corruption is endless and goes on and on and on.”    

The children are now 16, 17, and 20, and they will talk about what Ron Cooper did and the sexual abuse, if someone will just talk to them besides me!

I am calling on the authorities in Michigan to open an investigation into this matter.   Based upon what Sharon Cole told me, Ron Cooper needs to be indicted, arrested, convicted, imprisoned, and put into prison with the general population.  I hope there is no statute of limitations on such a horrendous crime.

In my opinion, Judge Patricia Gardner also needs to be indicted, arrested, imprisoned, disgraced, and removed from office.  Judge Patricia Gardner took Sharon Cole’s children away and gave custody to a man who admitted he had a sexual addiction had been unfaithful in the marriage; she gave custody to a man who traveled for weeks at a time while Sharon was home 24/7.  She gave custody to a man who should spend life in prison without the possibiliut of parole, and he should be required to wear a sign around his neck in prison that explains what he did to a three-year-old baby. 

It seems that Judge Patricia Gardner favors abusers.  It seems that Judge Patricia Gardner has a vendetta against women.  Sharon Cole is one of 52 women who have had ther parental rights terminated by Judge Patricia Gardner.  Sharon Cole and many other women never did anything to justify the total loss of their chldren and the removal from their lives.  It’s way past time for Judge Patricia Gardner to be terminated as a judge.  Put this thing in prison immediately.

Ron Cooper
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Sharon Cole and Bill Windsor

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