Second Judicial Misconduct Complaint against Judge Orinda D. Evans


I have filed two judicial misconduct complaints against Judge Orinda D. Evans

Judge Evans has a reputation for twisting the law and the facts to decide how she wants to decide without regard for the law or what’s right.

She did this and a lot more in my case.  She committed perjury and obstruction of justice — committed many criminal acts.  She did it knowingly because she felt she could get away with it.  She has gotten away with it for as long as 30 years as a federal judge.

The first complaint was ignored, and the second one probably will be as well.

I have stated under oath that Judge Orinda D. Evans is as dishonest and corrupt as they come.

Here is my second complaint against Judge Evans:

Second Judicial Misconduct Complaint

Judge Orinda D. Evans



I hereby petition the Judicial Council for review of my complaint against Judge Orinda D. Evans in Civil Action Number 1:06-CV-0714-ODE.

This petition should be granted because (1) Judge Evans is guilty of conduct prejudicial to the effective and expeditious administration of the business of the courts.  (2) Judge Evans is guilty of a complete void of impartiality.  (3) Judge Evans treated the Defendants in a hostile manner.  (4) Judge Evans violated Canons 1, 2, and 3 of the Code of Conduct for United States Judges.  (5) Judge Evans had improper motives.  (6) Judge Evans concealed evidence.  (7) Judge Evans welcomed every imaginable form of professional misconduct by the Plaintiffs’ Attorneys, and she turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to massive perjury and hundreds of Rule 11 and Rule 37 violations.

The dismissal of my Complaint by Judge Stanley Birch is ridiculous.  Judge Birch is one of the dishonest judges with the Eleventh Circuit who has actively participated in the cover-up for Judge Evans, so he had no business dealing with this complaint.  Judge Birch claims that nothing related to what a judge does can be the conduct addressed by a judicial misconduct complaint.  This makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.  He is expressing that I can complain about Judge Evans stealing money from a bank, but I can’t complain about her stealing money in her courtroom.  Dishonesty and corruption must not be allowed to take place in a courtroom!

Judge Birch says there is no credible evidence that would lead a reasonable person to conclude that Judge Evans violated the law and my Constitutional rights.  Bull manure.  My Complaint includes detailed documentation of hundreds of intentional false statements by Judge Evans.  I ask this Judicial Council to grant me a hearing and/or allow me to present to the Council the result of a survey of 100 reasonable people chosen at random that will establish that “reasonable people” believe Judge Evans is the crook that I know her to be.

Judge Evans is a criminal.  She is as crooked as any judge could ever be.  She has worked with the Plaintiffs’ attorneys to “steal” one and a half million dollars from me in the guise of a lawsuit.  The facts and the law are meaningless to Judge Evans.  If an HONEST judge examines the evidence in this case and her rulings, an HONEST judge will see that she has repeatedly made statements in her orders that are totally false.  She has done this intentionally.

It is impossible for me to begin to address the issues in five pages.  Please allow me to complain about being restricted to five pages and no attachments in this Petition.  Judge Evans has made hundreds of false statements in orders in this case.  It would take far more than five pages to merely list all of her false statements, lies, invented facts, citations of bias, and other wrongdoings.  It is impossible to properly plead my case in five pages.  Judge Evans participated in stealing over a million dollars from me, and you give me five pages.  I’d call this justice at its worst, but that seems par for the course in federal court in Atlanta.  The only way to deal with this matter is with a hearing.

My Complaint outlines the wrongdoing of Judge Evans.  For more details, see it.  Also see the docket in 1:06-CV-0714-ODE.

Canons 1, 2, and 3 are each focused on the alleged importance of impartiality.  Judge Evans was totally biased in this case, and exhibits to my Complaint detailed many of those prior to now.  Truthfully, I am worn out from trying to obtain one iota of justice from judges in Atlanta, Georgia so I haven’t taken the time to detail her latest atrocities.

There is gross judicial misconduct.  Judge Evans has committed hundreds of criminal acts.

Judge Evans concealed material evidence that should have been provided to the Defendants.  Judge Evans lied in her orders in this regard.

The various rulings of Judge Evans in this case were not fair or logical and showed a partiality to the Plaintiffs from the very beginning.  There are 416 sentences in this Order Granting Summary Judgment.  TWO HUNDRED AND TEN (210) of the 416 are false or incorrect.  This is not “directly related to the merits of a decision or procedural ruling;” this is BIAS; this is incompetence; this is a lack of integrity; this is impropriety; this is illegal.

The constitutional rights of the Defendants were violated repeatedly.  Judge Evans continues to violate the Canons and my Constitutional rights by refusing to recuse herself and continuing to make biased rulings.

Judge Evans violated the law and manufactured her own law and facts to rule against the Defendants.  Judge Evans included alleged facts in her orders that were not even presented by the Plaintiffs or the Defendants.

I will spend the rest of my life telling the world the story about this lawsuit and the federal courts in Atlanta.  My book was to be titled “Lawless America,” but I am now using “Screwed, Glued, and Tattooed” with the byline “InJustice in America.”  Your actions will be detailed in my book and on my website.

This Judicial Council needs to have a hearing on this matter.  Please do not sweep this under the rug with another canned response.  Judge Evans needs to be removed as a judge and impeached.

There is way too much proof for you to make a decision based upon five pages double-spaced.  I can prove to honest judges that Judge Evans is as dishonest as any judge could ever be.  But you will automatically want to assume that Judge Evans is right and I am wrong.  The only way that I can prove otherwise is with a hearing or a meeting or far more documentation than this.

Judge Evans is committing criminal acts on the bench.  You have notice.  If you fail to act, you will be committing misprision of felonies.  Even worse, you will be violating your oaths of office and your moral and ethical obligations.  You will also be committing criminal acts.

If you are not a judge in the Northern District of Georgia or with the Eleventh Circuit, you may be honest, and you may be the only hope for something to be done.  I know that most of the judges with the Eleventh Circuit are dishonest and corrupt, and I can prove it.  Judges with the Eleventh Circuit, except Judge Tjoflat (who I suspect to be honest based upon reading many of his opinions), are being sued by me in Civil Action No. 1:09-CV-02027-WSD.  I recently submitted a motion to name each of them as one of the DOE parties.

Here is what each of you needs to answer:  Should federal judges be allowed to lie hundreds of times in decisions?  Should federal judges be allowed to commit criminal acts?  Should federal judges be allowed to conceal evidence that would prove fraud upon the court by the Plaintiffs and by the judge?  Should federal judges be allowed to ignore all of the uncontroverted facts?  Should federal judges be allowed to ignore every binding legal precedent?  Should federal judges be allowed to threaten litigants and use her judicial power to improperly and illegally inflict financial devastation on a litigant?  Should federal judges be allowed to do whatever they personally want to do with no regard whatsoever to the law, honesty, ethics, or morality?  Judge Evans is guilty on all counts.

William M. Windsor

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