Kevin Patrick Brady sues Village of East Rochester New York to suspend his taxes until he is allowed to appear in court Pro Se

Here is the essence of Kevin Patrick Brady’s complaint:

My grievances concern the right of ‘the People’ to be meaningfully heard, respected and protected by our third branch of government.  Upon information and belief these are of substantial interest to all non-lawyer citizens.

I bring this petition because it is our right to resolve grievances in court without havingbeing defrauded and/or resorting to vigilantism.  ‘We’ are guaranteed this right by state and federal constitutions, AND, guaranteed a Due Process and Equal Protection of Law.

 I submit that those who control our courtrooms are administering only ‘just us justice’.  They have forgotten that every individual is an integral member of the body politic and is entitled to a full measure of fairness.  They must be reminded of the unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America, [ July 4, 1776 ].

“In every stage of these oppressions We have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms: Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury.”

BE IT KNOWN that despite the long established declaration of the U.S. Supreme Court, my repeated petitions have also been answered by repeated injury only.

“The very essence of civil liberty consists in the right of every individual to claim the protection of the laws whenever he is injured.  One of the first duties of government is to afford that protection.” Marbury v Madison [1803]

My honorable third branch has consistently abused and defrauded me.  My government will not perform even it’s first; most preeminent duties.

In June, 2011, the Supreme Court wrote in Borough of Duryea v. Guarnieri:

“This Court’s precedents confirm that the Petition Clause protects the right of individuals to appeal to courts and other forums established by the government for resolution of legal disputes The right of access to courts for redress of wrongs is an aspect of the First Amendment right to petition the government” see Sure-Tan, Inc. v. NLRB, 467 U. S. 883 (1984); BE&K Constr. Co. v. NLRB, 536 U. S. 516, (2002); Bill Johnson’s Rests,. v. NLRB, 461 U. S. 731 (1983); California Motor Transport. v. Trucking Unlimited, 404 U. S. 508, (1972).

Since I first petitioned in 1995 to protect and enforce my civil and parental rights, every petition, every motion, and ultimately every claim I filed in the Court of Claims has been blocked, trivialized, repudiated, summarily denied, sua sponte, without notice, without answers from the State defendants, without findings, AND with no explanation whatsoever.  For having merely exercised my right under the First Amendment and the New York constitution, I have been summarily disfranchised, unanimously sanctioned, abused and abandoned by the Unified Court System.

Despite complaining actions filed in three [3] of the four [4] appellate divisions, AND, the New York Court of Appeals, NO COURT has ever adjudicated even a single issue I have brought before them.  This has caused unfathomable emotional and financial destruction.

Read the Complaint of Kevin Patrick Brady.


William M. Windsor

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