Frivolous Appeal SCAM of Eleventh Circuit


Corrupt judges with the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit have patented a SCAM that they use to victimize pro se parties and protect their corrupt fellow judges from impeachment and indictment.

Judge Rosemary Barkett, Judge Frank M. Hull, and Judge Stanley Marcus pretend that appeals are FRIVIOLOUS.  They issue one sentence orders to that effect.

Judges Barkett, Hull, and Marcus are as corrupt as anyone could ever possibly be.

A FRIVOLOUS appeal is one that has no basis whatsoever in facts or law on any issue whatsoever.  To be truly FRIVOLOUS, an appeal has to be as outrageous as Lady Gaga’s costumes.  One famous ruling on what constitutes a frivolous says it “must strike beyond the pale,” which means unacceptable; outside agreed standards of decency.

Here’s the June 1, 2011 Order of Judges Barkett, Hull, and Marus.

What a load of crap!

These crooks are stating that I filed not one, not two, not three, but FOUR appeals that have no basis whatsoever and are indecent.  These criminals didn’t even allow me to file my appellate briefs, so they issued this ruling based solely on the fact that I filed appeals. 

These scumbags entered this order for one and only one reason — to damage me.  They know there is no legal basis whatsoever for their order, but they also know that they have tyrannical power to destroy anyone they donm’t like, and they hate my guts for exposing their corruption.

Here are the notices of appeal: 10-14899 Appeal #110-15798 Appeal #210-15587 Appeal #311-10257 Appeal #4.  There is nothing even remotely improper about any of these appeals.

Here are the orders that were appealed — Appeal #1 Order 1Appeal #1 Order 2Appeal #2 OrderAppeal #3 OrderAppeal #4 Order 1Appeal #4 Order 2Appeal #4 Order 3.  These are orders from the two corrupt federal district court judges who I have charged with a boatload of crimes.

Here’s my petition for reconsideration of this FRIVOLOUS ORDER.  Their order is so ridiculous that I was tempted to simply respond that they should stick the order where the sun don’t shine.

The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure allow an appellant to file a motion for reconsideration on each order.  Those motions can be 15 pages each.  By sticking four appeals on one order — appeals on totally different orders in two completely separate lawsuits, these corrupt judges limited me to 5 pages per order rather than 15.

So, to sum things up, the way scumbag appellate court judges screw pro se parties is by issuing one word orders calling our appeals frivolous.  They consolidate multiple appeals in one order to dramatically reduce the amount of response that you are allowed to file.  They give no justification whatsoever for their order, which denies you the information necessary to succeed in a petition for rehearing. 

It’s all a racket.  Organized crime.  When you can document everything that the corrupt judges do, you have a basis to sue them for racketeering under state and/or federal RICO statutes.

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