Fight Judicial Corruption NOW by getting Candidates to run against Incumbent Judges


Fight judicial corruption NOW by getting candidates to run against incumbent judges.

Many judges and other dishonest and/or corrupt government officials are up for re-election this year. 

We must do everything possible to stop those people from being re-eletced.

If you don’t act on this, chances are no one will.  So guess what, it’s up to you!

I am actively pursuing this in Atlanta, Georgia.  I’d love to be doing it nationwide, but I do not have any staff, so I can only pursure this myself locally.

Get started by searching for the election results for 2008 using Google.  I was able to find these easily.  The results show which elected positions are going to be up for election this year.  The results also show party affiliation and those who ran unopposed.

Locally, most judicial candidates run unopposed.  We must change this!  If we don’t, corrupt judges will return to office for another four years.

Find out the political affiliation of each judge.  If a candidate has been unopposed, contact the other major party to see if they will be endorsing a candidate.  If no one has come forward, try to find an honest candidate from that party who will agree to run.

Determine if a judge has to be an attorney in your state or county.  If so, you’ll have to find an attorney.  Look for attorneys who are not litigators as I find that litigators seem to lie for a living.  We want honest people, if we can find them.

Anyone but an incumbent is worth a shot; surely it can’t be any worse than we have now.


Encourage everyone you come in contact with this year to vote for anyone but an incumbent.  We need to clean house as much as we can.

Ask every candidate in your state to sign the Contract with the Citizens.

It’s up to you.  Please act now!

William M. Windsor

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