Dishonest Federal Judge: J.L. Edmondson

Judge J.L. Edmondson (James Larry) is dishonest. 

Judge Edmondson ignores the law and the facts.

I make these statements as fact, not opinions.

In appeals and matters involving me, Judge Edmondson has ignored a misconduct complaint regarding Judge Evans and committed perjury on judicial misconduct complaint.  Judge Edmondson “ruled” that there was no evidence of any misconduct by Judge Orinda D. Evans.  Review the Complaint of Judicial Misconduct Against Judge Orinda D. Evans yourself, and know that everything in it is backed by hundreds of pages of proof.

In a February 14, 2009 order, Judge Edmondson outrageously claimed that 213 days of ignoring everything in a lawsuit by Judge Evans was not excessive.  During that time, almost eight months, Judge Evans ignored 38 motions by Maid of the Mist, 36 by me, and 26 requests by me for either a hearing or a conference.  Then on the 213th day, she claimed that I was abusing the legal system by filing motions during those 213 days.  Maid of the Mist filed more than me, but there was nothing wrong with that because she acted as if she were on their payroll.

On July 14, 2010, Judge Edmondson issued an order affirming Judge Evans’ refusal to file my motions for no good reason.  His order indicates that it is okay for a federal judge to completely ignore what a party wants to file in a lawsuit.  A judge can take away the right of a party to file anything and then refuse to consider anything that they submit to her for consideration.  This is called shutting the courthouse doors to a party, and it has been ruled illegal again and again and again.

Judge Edmondson also declared my valid motions to be frivolous.  There was nothing whatsoever frivolous, so he committed perjuiry in the order by claiming the motions were frivolous.  No honest judge could make such a ruling.  It was clear to me that Judge Edmondson would say or do whatever he needed to do to protect his friend, Judge Orinda D. Evans.

Judge Edmondson also blocked my ability to file motions for reconsideration.  He and some of his pals at the Eleventh Circuit decided they would take away my legal rights to have decisions reconsidered.  This gave the dishonest and corrupt judges a way to block me from getting my story in front of the honest judges.

Since the judges that I suspect may be honest at the Eleventh Circuit have rarely, if ever, been involved in any of my appeals, I believe Judge Dubina and Judge Edmondson manipulate the case assignments to ensure that the dishonest judges keep protecting Judge Evans.

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