Bill Windsor sometimes feels as bad as this man looks as he waits to stand trial for Tweeting


Bill Windsor sometimes feels as bad as this man looks as he waits to stand trial for Tweeting.

William M. Windsor hopes you or your contacts might attend his trial…

Bill doesn’t feel bad physically.  His dizziness seems to have come from a pinched nerve.  But he sometimes feels like a mess emotionally.  It’s hard getting screwed, glued, and tattooed and having no way to get justice over the screwers, gluers, and tattooers.

If the trial doesn’t get postponed again, it is scheduled for September 28, 2015 at 9:00 am at the Missoula County Courthouse, 200 West Broadway Street, Missoula Montana 59802. 

The trial is expected to last three days.  If you can come, or if you know folks in Western Montana, Northern Idaho, or Eastern Washington who might come, please encourage them to do so. We do have some sweet ladies in Montana who are coordinating an effort to get folks there, so they will be your contact for information. Email with BE AT THE TRIAL in all caps in the Subject line, and Bill will pass the email along to the coordinators.

This trial will be the culmination of a case involving significant corruption. If Bill Windsor goes to prison when he never committed a crime, you will know that no one is safe.  Judges and so-called “law enforcement” officials can and will do whatever they want.

You will observe a trial when the prosecution has no legal basis to have brought charges.  You will see corruption right there in front of your own eyes.  You will see incompetent and/or corrupt cops.  You will see a judge hand-picked to ensure that Bill Windsor gets screwed.  You will see real live cyberstalkers, perjurors, and the man who attempted to murder Bill Windsor.  You will get to meet and hang out with other members of the Lawless America family.  Bill Windsor is acting as his own attorney, so this will be a special event.  If we get really lucky, 60 Minutes will be there to cover it.

Be there for the conclusion of Lawless America…The Movie.  Will it end with Bill Windsor being found NOT GUILTY, or does it end as he is escorted into the Montana State Prison in handcuffs and leg irons?

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Bill Windsor has two additional needs:

Does someone out there know Joomla well enough to figure out why Bill Windsor can’t get Google Adsense to install properly on  It’s costing William M. Windsor over $300 a month for his ankle monitor as well as hotel rates vs. apartment rent while he waits for trial.  It would be nice if he could make some money off Google for the website traffic.  Bill Windsor WILL NOT accept donations.

Bill is preparing to file a Motion to Dismiss the Charges against him due to Lack of Jurisdiction.  If there are any experienced legal researchers out there with a few hours available, Bill could use help trying to find any case law about jurisdiction in criminal cases if an alleged crime is committed by publishing something on the Internet in one state and whether another state has jurisdiction over that alleged crime.  Bill says he has searched and searched and just can’t come up with anyhting to indicate that Montana has jurisdiction.  If you are researcher and want to help, please email with LEGAL RESEARCH in all caps in the Subject line.  Bill will then email his brief to you.

Bill always hates to ask for help, but he needs a little.  We are really hoping that some of you can come to the trial.  So far, we know we have folks coming from Montana, Idaho, Washington, Texas, Florida, New York, and Pluto.  Bill says he and his MasterCard will have a celebration dinner for everyone after he is found NOT GUILTY.  It will be at the best restaurant in Missoula Montana — either Fuddruckers or Dairy Queen.

No one has even asked what FABOJ means….  

For a quick update on Bill Windsor’s saga and upcoming trial, see this summary on

If you want to reach Bill Windsor, his home address is 5013 S Louise Ave #1134, Sioux Falls, SD 57108.  That mail gets forwarded to him once a week.  His email is Pro-Se-1@outlook.comThis. His phone is currently confidential, but it is not answered; messages are checked by dialing in to Verizon from a state far, far away, and Bill receives an email with the name, number, and one sentence summary of each message.

For the Lawless America videos, see  Bill Windsor’s Facebook page is  Bill Windsor’s Twitter account is  And click here for the Lawless America Facebook page that has just magically reappeared.

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