Bill Windsor reminisces about a kinder and gentler America


Bill Windsor reminisces about a kinder and gentler America.

Many people have asked to see a photo of me without a beard, so here it is.

This was my official second grade elementary school photo

…and it was a great year and a wonderful time in America.  Mrs. Kolb was the second grade teacher.  Back then, we had drills on a regular basis where we would crawl under our little desks for safety if the Russians bombed us.  The person who came up with that idea wasn’t too bright because those tiny desks provided no protection, but that idea was kind of like the time.  We were gloriously naive, young and old.

It was a kinder and gentler time, and I really believe that government officials, judges, and policemen were much more honest then. 

windsor-bill-1966-school-pic-1966-200w windsor-bill-1970-tanned-closeup-summer-200w windsor-bill-2003-eating-pie-in-hawaii-cropped-200w
High School College Retirement

I didn’t have a clue about dishonesty or corruption when I was in high school.  Not a clue.  Perhaps I should have questioned it in college, but I was naively having too much fun to think about such things.  When I retired, I had given up on our political parties, but I still did not know that the underlying problem was gross dishonesty and corruption.

Maybe the best solution to the pandemic of dishonesty and corruption in America is to donate to some scientists who will work on developing a way to turn back time.  Makes more sense than crawling under a desk or hoping all the dishonest and corrupt people have an epiphany and change their ways. 


Or maybe someone could drive to all 50 states until he meets a million people and motivates each of them to educate their 250 friends so we will have 250 million people to vote honest people into office.  We’re still working on that one, but I question whether we can find enough honest people to elect.  That may be a bigger problem than reaching the 250,000,000. 

So, I think I’ll just crawl under my desk and pray for the scientists to turn the clock back.  The music was better then.  And everything cost a lot less.

Seriously, what can we do?

I’ve written this before, but when I was under my little desk at Spring Lake Park Elementary, I never in a bazillion years thought our greatest threat would be from within our own country.  But it is.  The threat is real, and it is no longer a threat.  The bad guys have quietly taken complete, total control of our country at all levels of government, the judiciary, and law enforcement.  And we can prove it.  But very few people care.



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