Bill Windsor of Lawless America is Still Alive and Working with Numb Fingers in Minneapolis, Minnesota


Hi Folks.  I am still alive and numb in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  

I will always try to post a quick article each day as I know many people worry about me.

Yesterday was lost to medical exams and treatment for the carpal tunnel injury which has left me with no feeling in the tips of two of the fingers on my right hand (I am righthanded).

I am getting physically organized in the room this morning.  I have 63 items on my To Do List.  I only accomplished one item yesterday, so today needs to be ultra-productive.  I will post an article seeking more help later today.  The RV will be here this weekend.

From now to August 19, I am at Country Inn & Suites Bloomington West, 5120 American Blvd. West, Bloomington, Minnesota 55437 — Room 123.  HUGE thanks to the Musolfs for providing a Friends & Families discount at all Carlson hotels for the rest of the trip!

On Wednesday, August 15, we will interview and film from 8 am to 8 pm.  We have a dozen or so already, but if you have not yet been filmed or have acquaintances who would like to be filmed, please have them email me ASAP.  Please put MINNESOTA FILMING in the Subject Line.

On Thursday, August 16, Team Lawless America will head out into the community to film Minnesotans at locations where things happened, and we will confront as many people as we can get to see.   We will depart the hotel (to be named) at 8:30 am.  We encourage Minnesota victims to ride along with us.  Otherwise, we can meet you at your locations, or we can just film your locations without you.  I hope we will have two camera crews.  If you haven’t sent me your locations and people to be filmed, please do.  We plan to go to Carver County and Wauseca County and elsewhere.  We will go to Lenny and Carol’s yard.  We will go to the Capitol, the Bar Association, the Court of Appeals, and the Supreme Court.  It will be a special experience, I assure you.  If you have a Lawless America T-Shirt, wear it if you like.

On Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, we will work in the hotel on a wide variety of projects.  Help is always appreciated.

Those who spoke for three-minutes or so on their Congressional testimony are on YouTube or soon will be — 

I will have a TalkShoe Show TONIGHT at 10 pm Eastern Time, so tune in. 


William M. Windsor

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