Lawless America

My name is William Michael Windsor.  Most people know me as Bill Windsor

In 2005, I felt all judges were honest and that court was where you went for justice.  In 2008, I began to discover how naive I was.

For the last 14 years, I have proven to myself and others that there isn’t a truly honest judge anywhere in America.

Lawless America…that’s where we live.

We have an amazing Constitution and some excellent laws and rules, but they are not adhered to by the corrupt, lawless judges.

I created this site in 2008, but it has been hacked again and again, removed from the Internet by government crooks, and much more.  This is at least the fifth version, and I will try to recover what’s especially important.  During periods when this site was under attack, I posted on Facebook — https://www.facebook.com/billwindsor1

I believe I am the leading expert in America on judicial and government corruption.  Judges hate me because I am smarter than most judges and attorneys, and I have no fear.  I am not an attorney, so they don’t have as much control over what I say and do.

I have had my life threatened literally hundreds of times.  I have been shot at, and I believe the 5/5/2017 impact of an 18-wheeler was a second attempt to murder me.  I am now disabled from that attack, and a corrupt judge, www.JeffreyLAshton.com, has dismissed my personal injury lawsuit because I am in bankruptcy and cannot afford an attorney.  I can no longer walk.  I have lost the use of my left hand.  All of my teeth are rotting out of my head.

More later…