Windsor WINS in Canada! Corruption Out and New Boat Ride Operator Named


At 4:00 pm on February 22, 2012, the winning bidder was announced in the competition to provide the Maid of the Mist boat service at Niagara Falls.  The new operator is Hornblower Cruises.

This is an extremely profitable contract.  The winning bidder will generate billions of dollars of revenues and hundreds of millions in profit with absolutely no competition.  The new operator will pay $413 million more than the old operator.  Hmmmm.

The boat rides have been provided for over 160 years, and I discovered that the process of excluding bidders was illegal and probably corrupt….

It was a bizarre set of circumstances that got me involved in 2005.  I had no earthly idea that there was corruption, fraud, and all types of wrongdoing in the issuance of the contracts by two governments — the Government of Ontario Canada and the State of New York.  I wasn’t even aware of this until January 2009.  The bad guys managed to keep their dirty secrets until I finally managed to get responses to freedom of information requests.  The minute I saw two contracts that I had innocently requested in 2005 in anticipation of assembling a group to bid the next time the contracts came up for renewal, I knew.  Those involved in the wrongdoing, Maid of the Mist Corporation, Maid of the Mist Steamboat Company, Ltd., the Province of Ontario, the Niagara Parks Commission, the State of New York, and the New York State Parks kept the whole thing secret and refused to release the contracts or allow Ripley’s Believe It or Not or me to become involved in bidding.

It was early August 2005 when I contacted the Niagara Parks Commission and New York State Parks in an effort to get the contracts.  Three weeks later, Maid of the Mist Corporation and Maid of the Mist Steamboat Company, Ltd. (jointly “Maid”) filed a civil action against Alcatraz Media, LLC, Alcatraz Media, Inc. (jointly “Alcatraz”) and me — William M. Windsor.  The action was filed in Gwinnett County Georgia Court. It was removed to the United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia in March 2006 as Civil Action No. 1:06-CV-0714-ODE (“MIST-1”). The action was originally assigned to Judge Forrester, but he recused himself, and the case was assigned to Judge Orinda D. Evans (“Judge Evans.”)  Neither Alcatraz nor I knew Judge Forrester, and neither of us had ever had any dealings of any type with him.  It seems he recused himself due to some relationship with Maid of the Mist or their attorneys.  Hmmmm.  We thought nothing of that at the time, but that now looms as an interesting question.  Was he bribed to recuse, or was he asked to recuse by another judge who had a ‘special” interest in handling the case?  Was it part of a standard scheme used by the corrupt federal judges in Atlanta?  Does one immediately recuse with no explanation, so the next judge knows to favor one specific party?  Inquiring minds want to know!

We need to go back a few months in 2005 for all of this to make sense.  On March 3, 2005, Maid of the Mist entered into an oral agreement with Alcatraz to allow Alcatraz to purchase tickets for the boat ride at Niagara Falls from Maid at a discounted rate for the entire 2005 season (April to October).  The terms of the oral contract were specific.  The period for the oral contract was less than a year, so it was a binding oral contract under Georgia law.

Sandra Carlson of Maid of the Mist entered into the contract with Alcatraz.  I was simply visiting Alcatraz’s office one day to see my wife when one of the salespeople needed some tickets for a group to ride the Maid of the Mist.  I knew that the business development person handling the dealings with Maid of the Mist was unavailable as mother has just had a stroke.  So, while I didn’t work for Alcatraz, I’ll do anything to help my son, so I picked up the phone and called Sandra Carlson at Maid of the Mist.  She entered into the contract with me for Alcatraz to buy tickets for the entire 2005 season.  The discussion was very specific because I could see from the file that Carlson had been a flake to deal with.  Carlson also made the same agreement with Carolyn Ballard Bazzo (“Bazzo”), who called her while her mother was sleeping in the hospital.

Carlson sent faxes to both Bazzo and me following the telephone conversations of March 3, 2005.  Maid agreed to provide Certificates of Insurance naming Alcatraz as additional insured, and Maid did.  Maid agreed to provide information for Alcatraz to use on its web sites, and they did.  Alcatraz agreed to submit a voucher (E-Ticket) for Maid’s approval, and Alcatraz did.  Maid approved the voucher.  The approval of the voucher was the final obligation agreed to when the contract was entered into on March 3, 2005.  It still took a long time and a lot of hassles to get the information needed from Sandra Carlson, but it finally was resolved in early April.

Alcatraz advertised for Maid of the Mist boat tours at Alcatraz’s website  Alcatraz advertised for various tours in the Niagara Falls area, as well as for tours in Canada, New York and in others cities in the Northeast.  This web site did not represent that it was sponsored by Maid.  Rather, it expressly represented that it was run by Alcatraz.  Alcatraz has also used additional web sites to promote its 74 different Niagara Falls tours and activities and its 17 tours that include a Maid of the Mist ticket.

Alcatraz began generating excellent sales for Maid of the Mist in March 2005.

Alcatraz honored all of the terms of the oral contract with Maid.  Maid breached the contract in a number of ways.  Maid refused service to some Alcatraz customers who had valid E-Tickets.  Initially, this was probably because no one at Maid bothered to advise the ticket takers that Alcatraz was issuing valid E-Tickets.  Maid informed some Alcatraz customers that they should purchase their tickets directly from Maid at a lower price and file chargebacks against Alcatraz to get their money back from Alcatraz.  Not cool.  Maid charged Alcatraz for some customers who did not receive the boat ride.  Maid failed to give Alcatraz certain discounts that had been promised.

For reasons unknown at the time, Maid created false stories in an attempt to damage Alcatraz and manufacture a claim with which to breach the contract with Alcatraz.  Upon information and belief, this was because Maid was in breach of contract with the Niagara Parks Commission (“NPC”) and the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation (“OPRHP”).

Carlson and Schul sent letters, faxes, and emails for Maid to Alcatraz that contained false claims.  Glynn, Schul, and Carlson made false claims by telephone.  Carlson sent letters on June 14 and July 19, 2005 that contained false claims of problems caused by Alcatraz.  The July 19, 2005 letter asked for Alcatraz to make changes to its E-Ticket.  Alcatraz made changes to the E-Ticket.   Carlson then sent an email claiming the July 19 letter asked for changes to the web site, but the letter said no such thing.  Schul then sent a letter and emails that contained false claims of problems caused by Alcatraz.  On July 29, 2005, Maid breached the contract with Alcatraz by declaring the contract to be terminated.  But the oral contract was for the entire 2005 season, and Maid of the Mist did not have the right to terminate it until it expired in mid October 2005.

It was all totally bizarre.  It made no sense at the time.  Alcatraz tried repeatedly for a month to get Maid or Maid’s Attorneys to speak with Alcatraz about the problem, but they refused.  My son asked me to handle the legal stuff for him, so I am the one who tried to get them to respond.

Despite Maid’s written promise to Alcatraz on July 29, 2005 that Maid would honor tickets purchased prior to July 29, 2005, Maid subsequently refused to honor some Alcatraz tickets purchased prior to that date.  Not surprising.  Maid refused to honor these tickets despite the fact that Alcatraz had provided Maid with over $10,000 in prepayments, a written payment guarantee, and credit card authorization to charge any tickets purchased for the 2005 season, thus guaranteeing Maid that it would be paid for any Alcatraz customer who showed up with a voucher.  It was the first week in August 2005 when Maid of the Mist began refusing service to Alcatraz customers.

Maid of the Mist began defaming Alcatraz and telling Alcatraz’s customers that Alcatraz was an Internet Scam. (Alcatraz has been in business for 11 years and is the largest company in the world selling tickets and tours as Maid of the Mist knew quite well.)  In August, September, and October 2005, Maid refused to honor vouchers for more than eight hundred (800) Alcatraz customers.

Alcatraz issued refunds to customers who placed orders that it believed would not be honored and to customers who contacted Alcatraz who claimed that Maid refused to honor the Alcatraz vouchers.  Every customer was refunded by Alcatraz.  Maid sold tickets to Alcatraz’s customers directly and generated a greater income as a result.

I am the father of the 75% owner of Alcatraz.  I have never been an officer, director, shareholder, owner, investor, or employee of Alcatraz, but I stepped in to handle the legal problem on behalf of Alcatraz.  This is important because Maid of the Mist might have had a basis to sue me if I was involved in the company in one of those manners, but I wasn’t.  For the first three years of Ryan’s company, I was CEO of a large company in Ohio.  Ryan started and built Alcatraz all on his own.

I placed five phone calls, sent five faxes, and sent approximately 20 emails from July 28, 2005 until August 28, 2005 in an attempt to get someone from Maid or a Maid attorney to speak with me about the problem.  No one from Maid of the Mist and no Maid attorney ever spoke to Alcatraz or me until after the lawsuit was filed on August 29, 2005. 

Since it appeared that Maid of the Mist was hell bent on breaching the contract and screwing my baby boy’s company, I called the Niagara Parks Commission (“NPC”) to see if we could go into competition with Maid of the Mist.  I was turned away, but the NPC told Maid of the Mist about my call.  Less than three weeks later, we were sued.

It was August 25, 2005 when Christopher Glynn (“Glynn”), President of Maid of the Mist signed a sworn affidavit to be used with the filing of the lawsuit [MIST-1 Docket #1.]  46 of the 50 paragraphs were false or incorrect.  Proof to show that as many as 46 of the statements are false is set out on pages 364 to 553 of Dec #25 (MIST-1 Docket #462).

Glynn swore that his statements were his personal knowledge, but that was false.  Personal knowledge means the information is known from direct experience rather than hearing about it from someone else or making it up.  Glynn swore that everything in his affidavit was true and correct, but that was false.  In deposition testimony, Maid Marketing VP Timothy P. Ruddy testified that some of the statements in Glynn’s August 25, 2005 affidavit were not true.  In his deposition testimony, Controller Robert J. Schul testified that some of the statements in Glynn’s August 25, 2005 affidavit were not true.  Alcatraz, Bazzo, and I testified in depositions that statements in Glynn’s affidavit were not true at all, and we had a lot of proof in emails and letters.

The drafting of this affidavit by Mr. Carl Hugo Anderson, Mr. Marc W. Brown, and Mr. Arthur P. Russ, while under oath as officers of the court as members of the Bar, was improper, and statements in the affidavit were known to be false by the attorneys.

When Maid sued, they sued Alcatraz and me personally.  The lawsuit falsely and maliciously claimed that I operated my own business and did all types of things including theft and bribery.  Maid and Maid attorneys knew this was false.  Ruddy testified that I should not have been included in many of the sworn paragraphs in Glynn’s affidavit and verification.  Maid never produced any evidence to prove that Maid had any valid legal claim against me for anything.  In three deposition, the three senior managers of Maid admitted that the entire verified complaint against me was FALSE.  Every single paragraph!

When I became involved in all of this, I was very naïve.  I felt that the judicial system was fair and honest, so I was confident that the courts would vindicate us and put Christopher Glynn in jail for perjury for a long, long time. (Six years later, I know that our federal court system is totally corrupt.  I am not an attorney, but I have spent over 10,000 hours studying the law, so I know more about the legal issues in this case than most attorneys.)

On behalf of Alcatraz and myself, I filed a sworn response to Maid’s lawsuit stating under oath under penalty of perjury that everything Glynn had said was false.

Nothing much happened in the fall of 2005, but in March 2006 after we subpoenaed Glynn for a deposition, Maid of the Mist filed a motion with the court seeking a temporary restraining order.  That was when Judge Orinda D. Evans was assigned to the case.  She read the two affidavits that were totally contradictory about the facts, and she granted the TRO to Maid.  Our attorney and I were shocked.

When a party to a lawsuit gets a TRO, they have to post a bond to cover the other party’s costs in the lawsuit if they lose.  We asked for $250,000.  Judge Evans only required $5,000.  It should have been over $1.5 million as it turns out.  Awarding such a ridiculously low bond was another strong signal of the bias of Judge Evans (something that judges are sworn not to have).

At first, I suspected that Judge Evans had an incompetent young law clerk who was making a mess of this.  I thought the judge just wasn’t paying attention.  It didn’t take long for me to discover that Judge Evans was simply a bad judge.  Then it didn’t take me long after that to begin organizing the proof that she was a dishonest, corrupt judge.  

Every order that Judge Evans issued was against us.  Out of 40 contested motions, it was 40 for Maid of the Mist and zero for Alcatraz and me.  This was all due to the dishonesty of Judge Orinda D. Evans.

During the discovery period, we took depositions and obtained documents.  Our goal in all of this was to prove in THEIR WORDS that the verified complaint was totally false.  We succeeded. 

In February 2007, Judge Orinda D. Evans gave us a short meeting in her chambers.  I informed her that we had documented proof of over 400 counts of perjury and that we had proven that the verified complaint was totally false.  She refused to allow it to be discussed.

At this point, I felt for sure that she was corrupt.  But then she said a few things that caused our attorney and me to think we had won the case.  But as she had done many times before, she reversed herself or “forgot” those things later.  Any time we though we prevailed on something, she ignored that and turned whatever it was against us.

Shortly after the February 7, 2007 meeting, Maid of the Mist filed two contracts under seal for an in camera inspection (review by only Judge Orinda D. Evans).  These were their contracts with the governments of Ontario and New York State.  We felt for sure that they would have vital information for our defense.  Judge Evans reviewed them and said they would not be provided to us.  That is supposed to mean they were not relevant to the case.

All types of dishonesty by Maid of the Mist, their attorneys, and Judge Orinda D. Evans took place from 2005 to now.  It would just take way too long to recount it all.  But rest assured that I have it all documented.

The next big development was motions for summary judgment.  This is a legal procedure where a judge can end a case without a jury if it is so clearly one-sided.  If there is a “fact issue,” an important issue in the case that is disputed, there cannot be a summary judgment.  EVERYTHING was disputed in this case, so a summary judgment was impossible.

But you’ve already figured out what happened.  Judge Orinda D. Evans granted the summary judgment for Maid of the Mist and ordered Alcatraz and me to pay over $400,000 in Maid of the Mist’s legal fees.  To say that I was shocked was an understatement.  I read the order, and it was one false statement and lie after another.  The documents filed with the court proved her order was totally false. 

Judge Evans granted the summary judgment to Maid on a legal cause of action called “tortious interference” with alleged damages of less than $100, though (1) A&W provided sworn affidavits from the four customers involved who allegedly did not spend $100, and each swore that they did buy tickets from Maid, so there were no damages, and (2) the only sworn testimony before the court was that there was an oral contract breached by Maid, and thus there was no tortious interference by Alcatraz.  Damages are a requirement for tortious interference, so the fact that there were no damages was critical.  We proved that with affidavits from the people Maid claimed created the damages.  The summary judgment order did not find that I had committed tortious interference, but Judge Evans ordered me to pay $450,000 in legal fees for Maid of the Mist.

Alcatraz and I swore under oath at all times that Maid made up all of the sworn claims in the Verified Complaint and motion for injunctive relief in MIST-1.  Judge Evans refused to even consider A&W’s charges of perjury, false sworn pleadings, and Rule 11 violations by Maid and Maid’s attorneys.  I documented all the lies with citations to the record.

We appealed the summary judgment order to the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals.  Naive me thought we would finally get this overtured and headed in the right direction.  But three judges rubber-stamped Judge Evans’ order.  They TOTALLY ignored every error of law and fact raised by our attorneys.  I was flabbergasted.  I was literally sick for several weeks from it.  I worked closely with the attorneys and researched all of the appeal issues, so I knew the Eleventh Circuit had to overturn Judge Evans.  When I was able to think straight, I figured they supported their friend, Judge Evans, to protect her from indictment, conviction, and impeachment. (I know now, and have extensive proof, that the federal judges in Georgia are all corrupt.  I’ve dealt with them all, and they are truly criminals.)

So, on to The United States Supreme Court, I thought.  Our attorneys then educated me that The Supreme Court is no longer a court of appeals.  They don’t review actions of the appellate courts.  They decide if a case is interesting enough to them.  The odds of that in 2009 were 1 out of 100.  We were told it could cost us another $250,000 in legal fees if we went on, and we might be held responsible for Maid of the Mist’s legal fees since that had happened to us before.  That would mean $500,000 or more.  So, through clenched teeth, we reached an out-of-court settlement with Maid in December 2008 to stop the outrageous legal expense in MIST-1. Alcatraz and I refused to provide and did not provide general releases to Maid or Maid’s Attorneys.  We refused to provide releases because I was determined  to go after them again.  We paid them just under $400,000, and the whole deal had cost $1,000,000 by that point in time.

I tried and tried to find an attorney to represent me, but no attorney was willing to sue a judge.  They felt the federal judges would ruin them if they did.

So, in April 2009, I began efforts (representing myself) to reopen the case pursuant to FRCP Rule 60(b) primarily due to fraud upon the courts.  A major factor was the discovery of new evidence that had been concealed from us by Maid and Judge Evans.  I obtained copies of the two contracts that Maid had been ordered to file under seal with Judge Orinda D. Evans.  As soon as I looked at them, I knew that they were vital to our case.  After obtaning some additional information through Freedom of Information Act requests, I felt sure that Maid of the Mist had filed bogus documents with Judge Evans, especially after I discovered that bogus documents were filed with the State of New York to enable them to obtain a 40-year no-bid contract on the basis of a total fabrication.  So, my task was simple; get the court to produce those documents, and we would get the case reopened and win.  The bad guys would go to prison, and the Windsors would live happily ever after.

Surprise, surprise, Judge Orinda D. Evans refused.  She began issuing perjury-filled orders.  I knew then that she was as corrupt as a judge could possible be.  The only reason to keep the documents hidden was to hide the fact that she had committed perjury and obstruction of justice…and to protect Maid of the Mist from losing the lawsuit and having its key managers all found guilty of hundreds of counts of perjury.

(One of the attorneys who refused to represent me out of fear of the judges gave me some advice.  He told me to appeal early and often, so I did.  As a result, I now have dozens of orders from Judge Orinda D. Evans, Judge William S. Duffey, and the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit.  This gives me dozens and dozens and dozens of documents that establish the dishonesty and corruption.)

Not to be blocked without a fight after Judge Orinda D. Evans tried to block my efforts, I subpeonaed Judge Evans!  This probably doesn’t happen very often.  Then some truly bizarre things happened.  Judge Evans filed a motion in her own court in my case.  Judges can’t do that, but she did.  She hired the United States Attorney’s Office (the same people who are supposed to go after corrupt judges).  On June 3, 2009, the U.S. Attorney representing Judge Evans filed a motion to quash a subpoena for the deposition in MIST-1. [Pet.App.171 – Mandamus Affidavit #1 — “M-Aff #1”, ¶39.] [Deposition Action Doc. 1.]   The motion was referred to Judge William S. Duffey (“Judge Duffey”), and this created Civil Action 1:09-CV-01543-WSD (the “Deposition Action”).

Judge Duffey had never had any dealings with me prior to the referral of the motion to quash.  I had never heard the name “Judge William S. Duffey” either.  There was no conference held, and there was no hearing held, despite my motions requesting both.  On June 8, 2009, Judge Duffey stayed the properly subpoenaed deposition.  Judge Duffey made a number of incorrect statements in the stay order dated June 8, 2009.  The order was totally pro-Judge Evans, and it indicated that Judge Duffey may be biased.  That was an understatement.

On June 10, 2009, the U.S. Attorney supplemented Judge Evans’ motion to quash.  On June 30, 2009, an Order to Quash the Deposition of Judge Evans was issued by Judge Duffey.  The order described me as “scurrilous and irresponsible.”  The legal definition of scurrilous is “evil.”  The legal definition of irresponsible is “mentally or financially incapable.”  I am neither scurrilous nor irresponsible!  (I will readily acknowledge that I am a Honey Badger.)

This “scurrilous and irresponsible” slur was written by a man who did not know me, had never even seen me, and who made such a statement and decision based solely on my three uncontroverted sworn affidavits.  In 2009, there were zero (0) affidavits filed by Maid in MIST-1, the Deposition Action, or MIST-2.  So, my testimony and evidence stood alone as the record before the court. 

Without going into all the gory details about what has happened since, I’ll summarize it in a few sentences.  Every federal judge who I encountered actively participated in at least the cover-up of the corrupt acts of Judge Orinda D. Evans, and almost all of them committed a number of felonies in the process.  Judge Orinda D. Evans and Judge William S. Duffey have, through sanctions against me, robbed me of my entire life’s savings.  Maid of the Mist and their attorneys, Carl H. Anderson, Jr. and Hawkins Parnell Thackston & Young, have committed hundreds of crimes in the process.  Maid of the Mist and Carl H. Anderson, Jr. have destroyed my once outstanding credit.  Maid of the Mist and Carl H. Anderson, Jr. have stolen the original and only copy of all of my personal financial and medical records.  I have been absolutely right on the facts and the law, and there was no way in the world for me to have lost anything, but these crooks orchestrated everything so they would prevail and I would be left penniless.  I have years of proof, and nothing that I have ever testified about has ever been contradicted by any testimony, affidavits, or evidence.  I have been denied every imaginable form of Constitutional rights in legal matters.  The abuse is so outrageous that people can’t believe anything like that could possibly happen, but it does, and I can prove it.

After years of trying to get someone somewhere to do anything, I managed to testify before the Fulton County Georgia Grand Jury.  I presented criminal charges against six federal judges, Maid of the Mist’s President, Christopher Glynn, Carl H. Anderson, Jr., and the Fulton County District Attorney.  The Grand Jury gave me specific instructions for my testimony to resume at their next session.

When I got off the elevator and entered the public elevator lobby on the third floor of the Fulton County Courthouse, I was met by Cynthia Nwokocha, the Chief Investigator for the Fulton County District Attorney (one of the people I had made criminal charges against).  She called three Fulton County Sheriff’s Deputies over to encircle me and remove me from the public courthouse.  I was given a “Criminal Trespass Warning.”  I was told, in writing, that if I ever return to the third, sixth, or seventh floor public elevator lobbies in the public courthouse, I will be arrested.

This was done to block the Grand Jury from seeing the evidence that should have resulted in the indictment, arrest, conviction, imprisonment, disgrace, and impeachment of these people.  A host of criminal laws were violated in the process.

I pursued this to law enforcement,  I filed a civil action.  I tried to get before the federal Grand Jury.  Every step of the way, illegal, unethical, and outrageous acts were committed to block me.  All of this was done to protect the District Attorney and these corrupt federal judges.

My only hope is that someday,  we can get some honest people in office in America, and the right thing will be done.  So, for now, I have turned my full attention to leadeing victims of judicial corruption, government corruption, and corporate corruption in their battles.  We are making real progress, but reaching several hundred million Americans will take a loooooong time.

This announcement shows that one can succeed against corruption.  Maid of the Mist may have had a horrendous impact on my life that my family and I will never recover from; they have robbed me of all of my money, and they have consumed six years of my life.  But, they just lost a $2 billion government contract.  It could not have happened to a more deserving group. 

He who laughs last enjoys it a whole heckuva lot more than he who laughs first. (William M. Windsor, 2012.) 

My son’s company works very closely with Hornblower, and they are good friends.  I wish my group could have won, but my main interest has been seeing justice done, and justice was done when the incumbent lost.

This story is major national news today all across Canada!

In Canada, we were successful due to five factors.  First, a former government official, Bob Gale, exposed the corruption that he knew about and was constantly in the media.  Second, Frank Parlato of the Niagara Falls Reporter Newspaper ran story after story exposing what I had discovered, and we worked together on a lot of research.  Third, “Deep Throats” sent me confidential evidence and documents that made the extent of the wrongdoing easy to prove.  Fourth, Tony Reinhart of The Globe & Mail, Canada’s comparable to The Washington Post – New York Times – and USA Today, made this front page news, and stories were all over the radio and TV nationwide.  Last, and I hope not least, I blasted this story out online and by email every day for years.  I published a daily email newsletter called “Niagara Falls Rumour Control.”  It went to leading government officials, tons of media, and a variety of others.  I wrote dozens of letters to the Premier in Canada.  I squeaked like no squeaky wheel ever has, and it was successful.  I sued and prevailed, and the contract was tendered for bids.

Sadly, our efforts in America do not yet have a leading current or former government official, and we don’t have mainstream or even semi-mainstream media coverage.  The Canadians seem MUCH more interested in fighting government wrongs.

I am 63.  I anticipate living to be 89.  I wil spend the rest of my life fighting government, judicial, and corporate corruption in America.  Our country is broken, and we are the only ones who  can fix it. 

Update at 8:00 pm on February 22, 2012:

If a news report is correct that is saying this, then there is a serious problem: “Hornblower will build a tram down to the dock, upgrade the existing elevators and construct an observation deck and restaurant down in the Niagara gorge.”  The RFP very precisely excluded the rights to do anything with food and beverage.  And, prospective bidders were told that the NPC didn’t want anything constructed down in the gorge.

I have already received word from losing bidders who are screaming FOUL.

While I am delighted that justice was done by bidding and that the NPC will get $413 million more than they were receiving from the Glynns, this process was a joke.  Nothing takes this long.  The rules kept changing.  I was denied the right to bid unless I agreed not to sue the NPC.  Bidders were required to remove as much as $200 million in revenues from their bids for boat rides that were clearly the focus of the RFP, but Hornblower got to add a restaurant that was specifically not allowed.  I hear that one bidder bid at least $100 million more than Hornblower.  As Desi Arnaz said so often, “Lucy, you got some ‘splainin’ to do.”

I love Hornblower.  My criticisms continue to be directed at The NPC.  I fear that this is the sham that I was afraid it was going to be.

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