Windsor gets Screwed, Glued, and Tattooed yet Again!


William M. Windsor was screwed, glued, and tattooed today by The Dishonorable Judge Jerry W. Baxter of the Fulton County Superior Court.

The October 7, 2011 Preliminary Injunction Hearing in William M. Windsor v. Fulton County, et. al. was your basic Kangraoo Court.

Not only did Baxter deny my request for a TRO and Preliminary Injunction, his dismissed my case and banned me from ever filing another lawsuit….


Based upon the evidence/facts and the law, he had absolutely no basis to do what he did.  None.  His order says my lawsuit is “frivolous.”  That means no basis in fact or law.  Read my VERIFIED Complaint.  It is not the least bit frivolous, but that’s what the crooked judges say when they can’t justify screwing you any other way.

Baxter kept bringing up things that were not anywhere in the record.  I believe the transcript will clearly show that he was using information that someone from outside the case provided to him.  That’s a polite way of saying that it seems to me that they got to him.

The day did not go well at all.  The Affidavits of service were late reaching me, and I needed those to be filed before the Hearing.  So, I was running about 15 minutes behind schedule.  Then I got behind an accident on the Interstate — 20 minutes behind.  I still would have made it on time, but in the middle of the intersection next to the courthouse, my evidence box fell off my rolling bag, and paper filled the street.  Frown   A nice homeless guy named Darrell helped me and carried the box to security.  I arrived in the courtroom one minute late, and Baxter was already sitting there.

The Defendants filed no affidavits and presented no witnesses.  So, the only facts before Baxter were mine.  Uncontroverted.

In his order dismissing the case, Baxter has committed perjury and obstruction of justice.  He says after considering the entire record, the action is frivolous.  That’s simply a lie, and he knows it.  Frivolous is the word that corrupt judges use when they can’t write an order screwing you.

I subpoenaed 13 people, and only one of them showed up.  The judge ignored it.  I objected to orders from the federal court that the Defendants asked to be admitted into evidence; they had no witness to prove them, and the orders were not certified, and they were irrelevant.  Baxter allowed them.  He only gave me 30 minutes, when I needed at least two days.

The extent of the corruption in our country is mind-boggling.  I can’t come up with a word to describe it properly.  These people are criminals.  They do whatever they want to do to protect each other and damage people they don’t like.  The law and the Constitution are meaningless. 

They’ve shut me out of any chance in hell of getting a case to a jury, and they’ve used Gestappo tactics to take control of the Grand Jury.  I will appeal and continue to fight as best I can, but my options are limited.

I believe I will turn my attention to organizing the experience into a book.  I may start picketing.  I will continue to feed information to the FBI.  Some in my family are suggesting that we move to another country.  Sadly, at this point, I feel America is a police state where we have no rights. 

Please watch the lawless America Online Tv Show on Sunday.  5 – 7 pm on  I will have an audience in the “studio,” and my guests will include some of the people who were in the Kangaroo Court today.


Here is what has been filed in this case thus far — 2011CV206243 in the Fulton County Superior Court:

Verified Complaint: William M. Windsor v. Fulton County, the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office, Paul Howard, Jr. (the Fulton County District Attorney), Naomi Fudge (Fulton County DA’s Office Guard Dog Receptionist), Cynthia Nwokocha (Fulton County DA’s Office Chief Investigator who charged me with criminal trespassing), Rebecca Keel (Assistant District Attorney), Waverly Settles (Assistant District Attorney), Steve Broadbent (politician and recent Grand Jury Foreman), Lieutenant English, Deputy Betts, and Deputy Roye with the Fulton County Sheriff’s Department.

Exhibit 1Exhibit 2Exhibit 3Exhibit 4Exhibit 5Exhibit 6Exhibit 7Exhibit 8Exhibit 9Exhibit 10Exhibit 11Exhibit 12Exhibit 13Exhibit 14Exhibit 15Exhibit 16Exhibit 17Exibit 18Exhibit 19Exhibit 20Exhibit 21Exhibit 22Exhibit 23Exhibit 24Exhibit 25Exhibit 26Exhibit 27Exhibit 28Exhibit 29Exhibit 30Exhibit 31Exhibit 32Exhibit 33Exhibit 34Exhibit 35Exhibit 36Exhibit 37Exhibit 38Exhibit 39Exhibit 40Exhibit 41Exhibit 42Exhibit 43Exhibit 44Exhibit 45 Exhibit 46Exhibit 47Exhibit 48Exhibit 49Exhibit 50Exhibit 51Exhibit 52

Additional Exhibits:

Exhibit 53 — Exhibit 54 — Exhibit 55 — Exhibit 56 — Exhibit 57 — Exhibit 58 — Exhibit 59 — Exhibit 60 — Exhibit 61 — Exhibit 62 — Exhibit 63 — Exhibit 64 — Exhibit 65 — Exhibit 66 — Exhibit 67 — Exhibit 68 — Exhibit 69 — Exhibit 70 — Exhibit 71 — Exhibit 72 — Exhibit 73 — Exhibit 74 — Exhibit 75 — Exhibit 76 — Exhibit 77 — Exhibit 78 — Exhibit 79 — Exhibit 80 — Exhibit 81 — Exhibit 82 — Exhibit 83 — Exhibit 84 — Exhibit 85 — Exhibit 86 — Exhibit 87 — Exhibit 88 – Exhibit 89 — Exhibit 90 — Exhibit 91 — Exhibit 92 — Exhibit 93 — Exhibit 94 — Exhibit 95 — Exhibit 96 — Exhibit 97 — Exhibit 98 — Exhibit 99 — Exhibit 100 — Exhibit 101 — Exhibit 102 — Exhibit 103 — Exhibit 104 — Exhibit 105 — Exhibit 106 — Exhibit 107 — Exhibit 108 — Exhibit 109 — Exhibit 110 — Exhibit 111 — Exhibit 112 — Exhibit 113 — Exhibit 114 — Exhibit 115 — Exhibit 116 — Exhibit 117 — Exhibit 118 — Exhibit 119 — Exhibit 120 — Exhibit 121 — Exhibit 122 — Exhibit 123 — Exhibit 124 — Exhibit 125 — Exhibit 126 — Exhibit 127 — Exhibit 128 — Exhibit 129 — Exhibit 130 — Exhibit 131 — Exhibit 132 — Exhibit 133 — Exhibit 134 — Exhibit 135 — Exhibit 136 — Exhibit 137 — Exhibit 138 — Exhibit 139 — Exhibit 140 — Exhibit 141 — Exhibit 142 — Exhibit 143 — Exhibit 144 — Exhibit 145 — Exhibit 146 — Exhibit 147 — Exhibit 148 — Exhibit 149 — Exhibit 150 — Exhibit 151 — Exhibit 152 — Exhibit 153 — Exhibit 154 — Exhibit 155 — Exhibit 156Exhibit 157Exhibit 158Exhibit 159Exhibit 160Exhibit 161Exhibit 162Exhibit 163Exhibit 164

Motion to Add Defendants

Order Granting Motion to Add Defendants

Order setting Hearing on Motion for Temporary Restraining Order and Preliminary Injunction

Motion for Accelerated Discovery

Order Denying Accelerated Discovery

Motion to Allow Recording in the Courtroom

Order Denying Recording in the Courtroom

Defendants’ Opposition to Request for Interlocutory Injunction and Temporary Restraining Order

Windsor’s Response to Opposition for Request for Interlocutory Injunction and Temporary Restraining Order

Notice of Filing of Original Evidence

Motion to Strike Notice of Filing of Original Evidence

First Affidavit

Second Affidavit

Third Affidavit

Fourth Affidavit

Fifth Affidavit

Sixth Affidavit

Seventh Affidavit

Eighth Affidavit

Ninth Affidavit

Tenth Affidavit

Eleventh Affidavit

Twelfth Affidavit

Thirteenth Affidavit

Fourteenth Affidavit

Fifteenth Affidavit

Sixteenth Affidavit

Seventeenth Affidavit

Eighteenth Affidavit

Nineteenth Affidavit

Twentieth Affidavit

Twenty-First Affidavit

Order Dismissing Case

Twenty-Second Affidavit

Twenty-Third Affidavit

Twenty-Fourth Affidavit

Twenty-Fifth Affidavit

Twenty-Sixth Affidavit

Twenty-Seventh Affidavit

Twenty-Eighth Affidavit

Twenty-Ninth Affidavit

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