Windsor denied any access to the Federal Grand Jury in Atlanta by Corrupt Judges and Corrupt U.S. Attorney


After being blocked from presenting his evidence to the Fulton County Grand Jury by the illegal acts of the Office of the Fulton County District Attorney and others, William M. Windsor moved his efforts to the Federal Grand Jury in Atlanta, Georgia.

He was immediately blocked from access to the 20th Floor where the Federal Grand Jury meets on Tuesdays.

Windsor’s 8×10 color photo is posted at every entrance to the federal courthouse….

So, when I arrived, the alarms went off instantly.  I was ordered to step aside until U.S. Marshal Tom Shell arrived.  Marshal Shell is responsible for “judicial security.”

Marshal Shell, who I know quite well after numerous interventions, asked me what I was there to do.  He knew because I left a voice mail for him on Friday.  But I played his little game and said I was there to see the Grand Jury.  He said “That will not happen.  I have been instructed to keep you from any access to the Grand Jury.”

I asked who instructed him, and he refused to comment.

So, I said, well I am here to see the U.S. Attorney.  He then escorted me, with his gun strapped to his side, up to the Sixth Floor to the U.S. Attorney’s Office.  I asked the receptionist to let me see Brenda Nelson and Sally Yates, the U.S. Attorney.  No one from the U.S. Attorney’s Office would meet with me.

Marshal Shell then took a phone call after an hour and a half sitting in the lobby, and he said that Ms. Alexander said I will have to go to the FBI if I want to get authorization to see the Grand Jury.

That is not the law!  So, now I have even more proof of jury tampering.

I contacted the U.S. Attorney, Sally Quillian Yates, in advance to request to speak to the Federal Grand Jury, and I warned her and her staff to keep out.  They did not heed my warning. 

I had a letter hand-delivered to the Grand Jury Clerk warning her to present my letters to the Grand Jurors with no comment.  I suspect the Grand Jurors were not given the Personal & Confidential letters.

The federal laws about interference with a grand jury, and the case law about citizen rights to present to grand jurors are much stronger that Georgia state laws.

I’ll go every Tuesday they meet until I am given an audience. 

Please note that I have significant proof that the U.S. Attorney has ignored her duties and committed criminal acts in the process. 

Letter to U.S. Attorney – November 30, 2009Letter to U.S. Attorney — April 10, 2010Letter to U.S. Attorney — November 4, 2010Letter to U.S. Attorney — November 10, 2010Letter to U.S. Attorney — May 16, 2011Letter to U.S. Attorney — June 1, 2011Letter to U.S. Attorney — September 14, 2011Letter to U.S. Attorney — October 14, 2011Rotten Peaches Brief

If you have criminal complaints, you may want to consider making a complaint to your U.S. Attorney.  When your complaint is ignored, demand to present evidence to the Federal Grand Jury.  Your photo likely isn’t posted at the entrance to your federal courthouse, so you should not have the difficulty that I am having.  Call the courthouse in advance and ask which floor the Grand Jury Room is on.  Then just go there.  Hit *67 whenever calling the government so they will not see your caller ID.

U.S. Supreme Court, Here I Come…Again

I am now preparing a Petition to the U.S. Supreme Court asking them to stop any and all efforts to keep me from communicating to a Grand Jury.  The statutes and case law are very clear. 

Sadly, I know from personal experience that the justices of the U.S. Supreme Court are corrupt, but it’s my best shot.  If they deny my Petition, at least I will have more proof of their corruption.

A few people emailed to say I was surely kidding about my color photo being at every entrance to the federal courthouse.  Not kidding.  They have an 8×10 color photo of me inside the top drawer of the Entrance Marshal’s podium.  The Marshal’s all know of me, so when they look at my driver’s license, they slide their top drawer open and compare it to the photo.  Then they go to a phone and call for guys with guns to show up.  It’s quite a show.  I told Marshal Shell today that it was Joe Dimaggio who said his favorite restaurant is any restaurant where they know his name.  I told Shell my favorite courthouse is any courthouse that has my color photo posted at every entrance. Tongue out

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