Two Judges stole My Son


My name is Marianne Malky, and I am the victim of Parental Abduction.

In 1974. my son, David Shipenberg, was abducted from me by my ex-husband, Stephen Shipenberg, from New Jersey. 

Steve called me at the hospital and said, “I am taking your son, and you will never see him again.”

So I started my search walking the streets of New York carrying my sons picture asking people if they had seen him.  Then I remembered I had the address on my separation paper.  I went to that address and Stephen had moved to 166 East 34th St.

I went to this address and stood outside hoping to see my son.  One day, I said to hell with this and went inside.  I slipped past the doorman and went inside.  Steve and I got into a fight, and someone called the police.  They came in pointing their guns, put us in handcuffs and took us to jail.

When the case came before the judge, the judge said to me “what is this about?”  I told the judge that Steve had kidnapped my son; I have custody, and I want to know where David is living.

Steve had brought his lawyer; he whispered to the judge.  The judge then looked at me and said your son is well taken care of.

Now I had his address so I had him extradited from New York to New Jersey.  The same thing happened.  Steve’s lawyer came and got him out of jail.

So my search continued everyday for 31 years.  I had 16 private investigator and 4 psychics.  I searched all over New York and ended my search in Oyster Bay, Long Island.

David went to Oyster Bay High School.  The lawyer of the school wanted to sue me, because I wanted David’s information.  Then one day, I received a phone call from Washington, DC.  The person told me that they had seen Steve, but that wasnt his last name.

On my website, I had a picture of Steve with a wanted sign on this neck, and she recognized him. 

My last investigator, Saul Wright, traced David down living in Alexandria,Virginia.  I went to his house with my friend, Dr. Raymond Mills Johnson, but he refused to see me or meet with me.  David is totally alienated from me.  He has a son, and I will never see my grandson.

IF only the two judges gave me back my son.

Marianne Malky


Marianne Malky is one of over 750 victims of government corruption and judicial corruption who will provide testimony to Congress and will be filmed for the movie, Lawless America.


William M. Windsor

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