Time to SAVE America – Time to Get a GRIP




We have just launched our effort to get organizations, websites and bloggers that are focused on improving government to help themselves and us by forming an affiliation relationship.

The affiliation plan was announced in a video on the LawlessAmerica Channel on YouTube ….




I have emailed an offer to have our group help all other concerned organizations and people with their efforts.  I asked for then to support our simple platform that is solely focused on bringing honesty and protection of our fundamental rights back to America.

This YouTube video explains everything in 10 minutes. This will cost the Affiliates nothing and very well may save them money and will definitely bring far more eyeballs and ears to their website!

Then email me to say that you will be an “affiliate.”¬Ě

America is in crisis, and we may be our country’s only hope.


GRIP — The Government Reform Integrity Platform — is an effort to get at least one million people to sign a pledge saying they support honesty at all times by government officials as well as protection of our rights under the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  GRIP asks concerned Americans to join the Facebook Group “I support the Constitution and Bill of Rights” and sign the Petition.  GRIP also asks all concerned Americans to vote only for candidates who have taken the same pledge by signing the Contract with the Citizens of America.


Affiliates: Click here for logos to use on your site.



William M. Windsor


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