The Plan for Government Reform & Integrity


America, we have a problem.

 Many of our government officials are dishonest, and many are corrupt.  Basic fundamental rights that you THINK we have as Americans are a mirage.

We have formed GRIP — Government Reform & Integrity Platform …. to fight this problem.  Read all about it….


The Problem: Corruption in Government

1. Many of our elected officials are dishonest.

2. Many of our government officials are corrupt.

3. Government officials have refused to honor their fundamental obligation to honor the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

4. Every member of Congress was provided with detailed information of rampant federal judicial corruption, and not one did a thing.

5. The Supreme Court was asked to tell federal judges that they must abide by the Constitution, and they refused to do so.

6. Every member of Congress was asked to sign a contract committing to always tell the truth and be honest while performing their duties and to safeguard our fundamental rights. Not one was willing to sign.

7. The President, Attorney General, FBI, U.S. Attorney, District Attorney, and many others were asked to act, and no one was willing to do anything.


1. Bad Representation. Our existing government officials are not addressing these serious problems. Efforts directed at getting dishonest government officials to fix what’s wrong will always fail. We have to replace the dishonest officials with honest people.

2. No Media Coverage. The mainstream media gives little or no coverage to these core problems.

3. Independent efforts result in little more than venting. Bringing people together around a plan has failed to materialize in the past. We have to change that. We are changing it by making our effort directed at something every honest American should be able to agree with.

4. Ignorance. The average American does not have any idea how pervasive the dishonesty and corruption are.

5. Apathy. Most Americans do not want to get involved, learn about, or even believe the problems.

6. Passion. There is a lack of passion by many. Passion seems limited to each person’s specific area of interest. Getting people to talk and getting people to actually do something are two very different things.

7. There have been too many turn-offs in past efforts. Partisanship. Religion. Unprofessionalism.


The only hope is a plan. How can we minimize the challenges, capitalize on our individual passions, take advantage of general unhappiness with government, and actually accomplish something? We have established these goals:

1. Work to minimize dishonesty and corruption in federal, state, and local government.

2. Minimize government and judicial corruption and violation of the Constitution, laws, and rules by government officials and judges in America.

3. Organize well enough to become an undeniable non-partisan political force. Generate at least 1,000,000 supporters.

Objectives and Strategies/Tactics:

1. Be absolutely nonpartisan and neutral about anything except dishonesty in government and violation of our most basic rights as Americans.

We take this approach because our best hope to attract the numbers needed for change is by appealing to the greatest number of people. Our issues are issues that should appeal to every honest American.

a. Include all forms of political affiliation, with no political agenda.

b. Include all views on religion, with no religious agenda.

c. Singular focus!

2. Bring concerned citizens groups together in an alliance to combat dishonesty and corruption.

While we will seek one supporter at a time, we can accomplish far more and much faster if we gain the support of groups that already have a base of supporters.

a. Increase web traffic using techniques that I and others have learned,

b. Pool our web traffic. i. Increase web traffic using techniques shared by Windsor.

c. Get our supporters to take the Pledge. i. Add a link to join “I Support the Constitution and Bill of Rights” Facebook group.

d. Refuse to support or vote for any candidate who does not sign the Contract with the Citizens of the United States.

 e. Each website, special interest group, and blogger must set up a Facebook page.

i. Build the largest group of Friends possible. Minimum of 200.

ii. Start with family, close friends, and business associates.

iii. Then go into the special search options and search for your high school classmates and the classes two years before and after you; request that all become friends.

iv. Do the same with your college. v. Check the Friends lists of your friends, and ask any of those who you know to become your Facebook Friends. vi. Once you have a large group of Friends who have confirmed you, add them all to the “I Support the Constitution and Bill of Rights” group on Facebook. vii. Motivate your friends to do the same.

f. Twitter

g. Hold events to attract more people.

3. Focus on one common goal while individually pursuing personal causes.

We offer something that virtually everyone can support. Independently, few of us will ever reach our goals.

Every specific effort to combat corruption and dishonesty needs to continue as before. All we seek is for everyone to rally around the effort to address the fundamental problem, which is dishonesty in government and erosion of our most fundamental rights.

We will have some very specific efforts that we will undertake, but we must focus in the fundamental problem. If we get honest people in government and have a system of accountability, we can sole most of the special causes that we all have.

Grand Juries and the Power of Presentment.

Judicial Oversight Board to review and expose improper decisions.

4. Gain commitment from supporters.

a. Get citizens to Pledge their support for the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and honesty in government.

 b. Ask all government officials and candidates to sign the Contract with the Citizens of the United States.

c. Many people think we are crazy when we tell them about the dishonesty and corruption in our government. We have to make them believers!

d. Provide overwhelming proof on one website. i. Get key people to produce 3-minute videos.

 e. Develop an “Elevator Pitch.”

 i. WIIFM.

ii. Develop a one-minute presentation that you can relate to people with whom you come in contact.

iii. Start by asking: “Are you concerned about things that are happening with our government?” … “What bothers you the most?”

iv. “I understand (whatever they said bothers them the most) is a real problem. I have been working with a group that feels most of our problems are due to the dishonesty of way too many of our government officials – all parties.”

v. “Do you support expecting elected government officials and all government employees to be honest and defend the rights we were granted under the Constitution and Bill of Rights?”

vi. “Would you sign a petition stating that?”

vii. If no: “Please go to and learn more about the problem.”

f. We need big numbers. There is strength in numbers; it makes it easier for people to believe.

g. Get business cards that you can hand to people that will have the website and the Facebook page. h. Work key groups.

i. Veterans

ii. Churches

iii. States

iv. Counties

v. Precincts

5. Get publicity.

a. Develop our own “mainstream media.”

b. Trick the media into covering what we are doing.

c. Utilize social media.

d. Issue a press release every day.

e. Utilize free PR services unless we can raise some money or find a financial backer.

f. Have a Wikipedia Editor do regular Wikipedia links.

g. List at Yahoo Directory.

h. List on

i. Develop YouTube channels.

j. Use webcams to make optimum use of video messages.

k. Utilize Facebook’s Causes program as a primary means of building our base of support.

l. Try to get concerned citizens to commit to spend 10 Minutes a Day working on our Cause. We will email a 10-minute project every day until we accomplish our goals.

m. Develop a network of websites.

 i. (state) websites – one for every state

ii. (agency) – one for every federal agency

iii. (cause) or .org – one for every cause, such as judicial corruption, parental rights corruption, attorney corruption, etc.

 iv. Get all WordPress bloggers to also set up a website in addition to their blog.

v. One “Judge Evaluation” website.

vi. One “Elected Officials Evaluation” website.

vii. One Government Employee Evaluation” website.

viii. (judgename) websites or impeach(judgename) websites.

 ix. (city/area) websites

n. Share content.

i. Encourage use of Joomla and a certain level of standardization to enable easy sharing. (one comprehensive site can be copied.)

ii. All sites should link to all other sites in the Alliance.

iii. Use database-driven content to enable transfer of relevant data to other sites.

o. Choose one common website for the Alliance, and all Alliance web sites should link to this site from their home page.

6. Replace politicians who won’t do right with those who will.

a. Get people to vote.

b. Platform First…Party Second.

 c. Encourage everyone to vote…but only for those candidates who sign the Contract with the Citizens.

d. Keep elected officials honest by enforcing the contract.

7. Once we have political, clout, pursue specific agendas/causes.


William M. Windsor

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