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The Cyberstalking of William M. Windsor – Is it Scientology Fair Game?

church of scientology building in los angeles fountain avenue-yahoo-200w

Are members of the Church of Scientology and Scientology Fair Game behind the vicious cyberstalking and defamation of William M. Windsor?

This is one of the questions to be answered as discovery rolls into high gear in the case of William M. Windsor v. Joeyisalittlekid, et al…


The term Fair Game is used to describe policies and practices carried out by the Church of Scientology towards people and groups it perceives as its enemies.

Applying the principles of Fair Game, L. Ron Hubbard and his followers targeted many individuals as well as government officials and agencies, including a program of covert and illegal infiltration of the IRS and other U.S. government agencies during the 1970s.  They also conducted private investigations, character assassination and legal action against the Church’s critics in the media.  The policy remains in effect and has been defended by the Church of Scientology as a core religious practice.

In his confidential Manual of Justice of 1959, Hubbard wrote “People attack Scientology. I never forget it, always even the score.”  He advocated using private investigators to investigate critics, who had turned out to be “members of the Communist Party or criminals, usually both. The smell of police or private detectives caused them to fly, to close down, to confess. Hire them and damn the cost when you need to.”  He said that in dealing with opponents, his followers should “always find or manufacture enough threat against them to cause them to sue for peace. Don’t ever defend. Always attack.”  He urged the use of “black propaganda” to “destroy reputation or public belief in persons, companies or nations.”

The Church has retained an aggressive policy towards those it perceives as its enemies,and argued as late as 1985 that retributive action against “enemies of Scientology” should be considered a Constitutionally-protected “core practice” of Scientology.

One of the people involved with Joeyisalittlekid is allegedly a member of the Church of Scientology, Megan Van Zelfden.  And as I read the approximately 8,000 pages of information published by Joeyisalittlekid, I have found  mentions of Scientology terms scattered through the content.  Ginger Snap, believed to be Casey Hargrove and/or Shonda Hargrove of Red Oak, Texas, wrote one article in which the entire topic was a term, used only by the Church of Scientology.

It’s hard to conceive of how a group of people would launch a massive character assassination, conduct a private investigation, and manufacture information to destroy my reputation.  But as I read about Scientology Fair Game, this is precisely what this sick Scientology Fair Game policy calls for.

I suspect that if this is what is behind the thousands of false statements and defamation by the Joeys of Joeyisalittlekid, many of the participants likely don’t even know that this is behind it.  This doesn’t excuse the participation of those who don’t know they are using Scientology Fair Game, but Scientology Fair Game does provide an explanation for how in the world a group of people could commit the biggest case of defamation in history.

Let me be clear: This is just a theory.  I do not know, and may never know, if what has been done to me is the result of Scientology Fair Game, government action to try to silence me, or just a group of sick people.  But I’d like to find out.

If you haven’t been keeping up with Lawless America and me on Facebook at or, you may be surprised to learn that a gang of cyberstalkers has viciously defamed William M. Windsor with thousands of false and defamtory statements online.

At last count, there are over 320 articles filling over 7,000 pages, written by about 700 screen names, 99% of which are aliases or anonymous.  I am reading as much as I can each day, and I recently completed reading 847 published comments by Sean D. Fleming.  

To those who have published false and/or defamatory information about me: CEASE AND DESIST.  Correct and make a retraction of all of the false and/or defamatory information.  If you don’t have absolute proof that your published statements are true, then issue a correction and retraction.  The correction and retraction must include the following: (1) Give your legal name, address, and contact information. (2) List each false and/or defamatory statement with a specific statements that it is false and a retraction.  So, if 3,000 false and defamatory statements have been made, 3,000 separate corrections and retractions must be published.  (3) Publish this on Joeyisalittlekid’s website, and it must also appear on each and every website where the false and/or defamtory information has been spread on the Internet.  So, if the information has spread to 1,500,000 web pages, the correction and retraction must appear on all 1,500,000.  (4) Email me at with the links to each and every published correction and retraction; put this in all caps in the subject line: CORRECTION AND RETRACTION.

There are hundreds of screen names who have published false and/or defamatory information on  I ask whoever is the owner/operator of that site to publish this article on that site so all of the people who frequent that site know the truth and know of this demand for correction and retraction.  It is impossible for me to list each specific false and/or defamatory statement as yet because there are approximately 40,000 published statements, and there are thousands, if not tens of thousands, of false and/or defamatory statements or support for such statements, and I have not yet been able to read everything.

I have thus far been unable to get a Texas court to enjoin these folks and force them to take down all the defamatory material.  Until that is done, I feel I have no choice but to deny all the defamation here.

I plan to produce two expose documentary films about cyberstalking — Slanderella and Slanderfella. 

William M. Windsor

Bill Windsor

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