Roxanne Grinage of is the latest person to attempt to interfere with production of Lawless America…The Movie


Roxanne Grinage from Facebook

Roxanne Grinage of is the latest person to attempt to interfere with production of Lawless America…The Movie.

Roxanne Grinage of has sent me threatening emails, and she is sending them to a variety of other people.

I have deduced one thing.  Most of the people who have attempted to undermine our efforts are people who, in my opinion, are trying to make money off victims by practicing law without a license.

Lawless America does not charge a plug nickel for anything on our site or any help that we may be able to offer anyone.  I do all of this for no compensation of any type.  I do it out of the goodness of my heart — trying to battle corruption and help victims.

I have absolutely no tolerance for liars and extremely rude people, and I classify Roxanne Grinage in this category.

I object to almost all websites that ask for donations so the website owner can further their “legal education,” or who charge for training programs, or who charge for videotapes and other things to be used in setting up local grand juries that will serve no purpose whatsoever.  I object to people who pretend to be Private Attorney Generals; there is no such thing.  And I stronly object to people like Paul Andrew Mitchell, Luis Ewing, Roxanne Grinage, and others who appear to me, at least based upon my understanding of the law in Georgia, to be practicing law without a license and charging people money for their alleged services.

So, please beware.  I believe the reason so many websites have not embraced wanting to join together in a colaition on efforts to do a few things in common to battle corruption is because they are simply in this to try to make some money.

To anyone who feels they may need to pay someone other than an attorney to obtain help, please email me at, and I will direct you to numerous resources available at no charge.

Lawlesss America…The Movie

There is no charge to be in Lawless America…The Movie.  Each person who is filmed for the movie will, however, receive at no charge a copy of the video of their testimony, the video of their interview, the video of everyone who testifies in their state, and the video of everyone who testifies in their special interest are (family court, probate court, etc.)  They will also receive a commemorative whistleblower’s whistle, and their names will appear in the credits of the movie.  The most important thing everyone will receive is exposure of the corrupt.

I am being paid nothing for the 6 months to a year out of my life that this project is taking.  I have no legal entity of any type.  This is not a non-profit entity; it is a no profit, no money entity.  I won’t receive any pay for producing and creating the movie or any theoretical profits from the movie, and I probably won’t even get donations to cover any of the gas and travel expenses.  We have not received one cent in donations.

No one will be in the movie unless they provide their name, address phone number, email, and employment status.  Anyone who takes the utterly ridiculous position that such information is identity theft needs mental help, in my opinion.  These are people out to undermine this movie because the movie has the greatest chance of exposing the corruption and getting something done about it that any of us have yet seen.  So, if you are unwilling to provide this information, it’s very simple — you are not in the movie.  Please do not ask to be in the movie because it will not happen.  This is a dictatorship; I set the rules.  If you don’t like the rules, don’t participate.  EVERYONE who appears in the movie will have to sign a release that allows us unlimited use of your likeness in promotion of the movie.  Don’t sign the release, and you won’t be in the movie.  This is a legal requirement that every movie must follow.


Roxanne Grinage from Facebook

Roxanne Grinage of

I received several email from Roxanne Grinage at today.  I consider these emails dangerous and threatening.  I am printing the email below as it was received in one giant clump of text.

I am asking anyone associated in any manner with Roxanne Grinage to simply withdraw from participation in the movie.

I published the following on Roxanne Grinage’s Facebook page.  I replied to Roxanne Grinage of as follows:



I have never and will never claim that I am in any way involved with you.  I never contacted anyone claiming I was in any way associated with you.  I am not associated with you, and I never will be associated with you.  I want to get as far away from you as humanly possible.


You will not be in the movie, and I believe from what you are sending around that you are a misguided danger to those of us trying to actually do something good.


I will publish all of this garbage that you have sent to me.


I am deleting you from my email address book.  Do not use any of my websites,  Do not ever email me again.


This email is one of the craziest things I have ever received in my 63 years.


William M. Windsor
Office: currently confidential
Fax: 770-578-1057
P.O. Box 681236
Marietta, GA 30068
Candidate for Chief Magistrate Judge in Cobb County, Georgia

Corruption Activist, Paralegal, Grand Jury Consultant
Founder – Facebook Cause – Support the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Honesty in Government


Please join the cause:

I, William M. Windsor, am not an attorney.  My website and emails express my OPINIONS.  The comments of visitors or guest authors to the website are their opinions and do not therefore reflect my opinions.  Anyone mentioned by name in any article is welcome to file a response.  My website and my emails do not provide legal advice.  I do not give legal advice.  I do not practice law.  My website and my emails are to expose government corruption, law enforcement corruption, political corruption, and judicial corruption.  Whatever my website and emails say about the law is presented in the context of how I or others perceive the applicability of the law to a set of circumstances if I (or some other author) was in the circumstances under the conditions discussed.  Despite my concerns about lawyers in general, I suggest that anyone with legal questions consult an attorney for an answer, particularly after reading anything on my website or in my emails.  The law is a gray area at best.

Here is Roxanne Grinage’s email to me and others:

From: Roxanne Grinage []
Sent: Saturday, March 24, 2012 12:20 PM
To:; Rhonda Palmer

 Bill Windsor:  This [people that I have a collaborator, client or prospective client relationship] having the impression that you are contacting them via me damages my credibility and is adverse to my Companies Practice Models and Reporting Responsibilities.  Whatever you have done to indicate to these people, like Rhonda Palmer here, and Mary August, Michael Nazario, Ms. Motheral, Debbie Tucker Williams that I am in agreement with your method of gathering sensitive information from people without any written accountability, contract, recognition, compensation and maximum liability for data security breach and subsequent retaliation – HAS TO CEASE AND DESIST.  PLEASE CORRECT IMMEDIATELY WHATEVER FORM LETTERS, EMAILS POSTINGS YOU HAVE CAUSED TO GIVE ANYONE THE IMPRESSION THAT YOU AND I ARE IN ANY KIND OF ASSOCIATION.  I responded one time to your email request to share what I know about Citizens Signature Gathering Campaigns.  You have not acknowledged me my companies HireLyrics Administrative Services or U.S. Citizens controlled Public Docket Database as having any kind of relationship whatsoever.  You have no right to imply a relationship with me as people like Rhonda Palmer here are responding to you providing you with the very same cautions I issued in HireLyrics Official Policy Statement with Regard to work product contributions to Bill Windsor’s Lawless America Movie.  You have indicated that you are overwhelmed with so many emails.  I believe now that is an excuse for not taking responsibility to account to those whose contribution you would consume for the concerns and cautions I issued in HireLyrics Official Policy Statement Pasted again here for Rhonda Palmer.  Rhonda Palmer I expressed advised anyone interest in my option that there are grave quality of life impacting considerations with regard to Bill Windsor’s one-sided approach to gathering input for his movie project listed again below.  I am working on an amended complaint to be filed in Minnesota RICO Monday.  I do not have any more time for this.  Bill Windsor, if one more person indicates to me in any forum that they are responding or interacting with you attached in any way to my good credible name, I am going to sue you personally and your Movie Project.  CEASE AND DESIST.

Yahoo! Mail

03/20/12 Hope and Pray Received in the Spirit of Good Will Intended: HireLyrics Official Policy Statement With Regard to Contributions of Work Product to Bill Windsor’s Lawless America Movie Project Fw: Roxanne Grinage, Deadline for you to commit to be interviewed for Lawless America… The Movie

Tuesday, March 20, 2012 8:42 PM


“Roxanne Grinage” <>



>, “‘’” <


“Roxanne Grinage” <>,,

Message contains attachments

1 File (309KB)

  • 032012 HireLyrics Official Policy re Work Product Contributions made to Lawless America The Movie.pdf032012 HireLyrics Official Policy re Work Product Contributions made to Lawless America The Movie.pdf


picture is viewable in attached letterhead pdf

Two Way Accountability * Work Ethic * Synergy * Intent



Federal Crime Victim Voter Statement:  If One Of Us Should Fall…or Ten Of Us Should Fall…or A Hundred Of Us Should Fall…We Will Have A Community Needs Powered Mechanism In Place Which Will Automatically Trigger Rescue Of Official Corruption Fraud Civil Rights Kidnapped For Profit Injured Children Of All Ages! Respectfully Roxanne Grinage, Ezekiel Zadkiel and Arriyel Roxanne’s Grandma.


HireLyrics standard access practice model schematics Marketing Careers Label Stores for the previously un-measured un-accommodated Worldwide Population of Disadvantaged Creators© of Original Creative Work Products developed and demonstrated since June 23, 2000.


Free Download Re-posted 10/20/11 Build This! Roxanne Grinage 11 years Prototype Demonstrated Standard Access Practice Model Schematics Reported at Fifth Anniversary 2005 birthed Administrative Solutions Tool U.S. Citizens controlled Public Docket Database Corruption in Government Clean Up Child Slaughter U.S. Economy Fraud Court Education Reform Public Safety Emergency.pdf


Roxanne Grinage
HireLyrics Administrative Services
U.S. Citizens Public Docket Database
PO Box 22225
Philadelphia Pa 19136
Tel 267-444-0594 Fax 215-405-2939


March 20, 2012


Dear Bill Windsor Lawless America,


I hope and pray that you receive this in the spirit of good will which is intended.


I was glad to share with you HireLyrics client and collaborator constituency learning with regard to Citizens Community Zoned Signature Gathering Campaigns.  However, somewhere along the line your recognition that internet technologies give citizens journalists documentary producers historians “keepers of the record” sponsorship dollar free opportunities to grow “main stream” media networks; has resulted in several HireLyrics constituency clients or collaborators getting the impression that HireLyrics and your Lawless America Movie Project are affiliated.


I am issuing this official policy statement in response to those people who have contacted me asking for my advice as to whether or not Lawless America Movie Project would be beneficial for the Official Corruption Fraud Civil Rights American Victim seeking exposure of our experiences by way of disclosing sensitive identification data; three minute condensed/edited interviews and presentation of “scripts”.


For now I am advising all those who would be interested in my opinion: YES, participate in Bill Windsor’s Lawless America Movie Project but do not give any information or confirmation until such time as Bill Windsor presents proposal of written Release Terms and Conditions that does not ask for interviewees’ employer(s), speaks to planned marketing distribution and/or syndication, ensures disclosure of contributor identity for interviewees who demand to be known – including in text summaries and promotional language about the Lawless America Movie which will be exposed through search engines; compensation (residuals royalties if marketed and sold or leased to any buyer in or out of the country; who are the sponsors of the movie, where is the money for the national trip to each city coming from and if it’s Bill Windsor’s personal funds, Lawless America must be prepared to post financials and point to same in any Proposed Form of Written Release Terms and Conditions); and Bill Windsor accounts for how data asked for is guaranteed secured.


Bill, please understand that this position is necessary as HireLyricsâ„¢ client and collaborator constituency has already had the learning as recently as last year where a (I think) well meaning Family Rights Advocate insisted that people should travel to him to contribute their input into a report to U.S. Dept of Justice.  Even though the fellow family rights community leaders went spoke and were filmed, the Family Rights Activist (1) did not mention anyone but his own case in the Letter of Complaint to Supreme Court and Department of Justice but unfairly referred to the constituency contributors’ participation to glean undeserved similarly situated weight for his personal case.


Again, everyone is free to do as they see fit, however HireLyrics Practice Model does not ever change the product to suit the audience, rather we target the audience we seek and then hone administrative tools to overcome market entry challenges we seek to jettison the product into.  This Product is one of many endeavors to compile and report contribution of “New Civil Rights Movement Is Underway in these United States.  A New Civil Rights Movement Sees New Civil Rights Heroes.”  And, “Restore Courage To Journalism….Once Verified The Truth Remains The Truth For the Sake of Truth In Public Record.”


HireLyrics was born to service those creators of work product contribution demonstrating quality of life is raised when fair entry to exposure and earnings opportunities into all marketplace synergies is achieved by standard presentation regardless of “who you know or what you have.”  Our Practice Model Schematics are reported and tried and true showing “Business Practices are Evolving to Accommodate Dignity For the Human Spirit” and the contributor of work product is able to measure, insist upon and leverage two way accountability understanding work ethic synergy and intent of the “service” or industry which seeks to consume the creator’s work product life experience U.S. Economy impacting career contribution.


So I would say that my official position regarding whether or not anyone contributes their hard earned many times ten and twenty and thirty years investment of work product contribution, that we ask you Bill Windsor of Lawless America whether you would  be willing to account in a Proposed Form of Written Release Terms and Conditions an administrative solution for Two Way Accountability by and between Bill Windsor of Lawless America Movie and the corruption victims whose contribution you seek to include.


  1. Into what industry markets do you intend to distribute the Lawless America Movie?  Education, Network Syndication, Lease, Museum, Libraries, other Academia, PBS, BBC, or likely any marketing exposure of the Lawless America Movie which presents itself?
  2. If the Movie is purchased but University, Network or Syndication TV here in U.S. or abroad, will royalties be paid to those people who contributed to Lawless America Movie?  If so, how would share be calculated and if not, why not?
  3. Would you be willing to sign a Proposed Form of Release with the contributor to your Lawless America Movie which Guarantees that their Cases and Names will not be censored so that the contributor can achieve exposure of their work already invested?  I know you have talked many times about keeping information anonymous and while HireLyrics respects need and desires for anonymity, it is not credible marketing to promote your movie project to official corruption fraud civil rights victims claiming you are exposing their “stories” when in fact their injured heritage bloodline estates, creditors, ongoing and future claims processes do not glean any usefulness with referring to the Lawless America Movie as a credible source of reference, as the contributor of content is not identified and thereby not given credit and our injuries families defamed characters in the community are left just as much devoid of exposure as truth than before we participated in your Lawless America Movie.  Please provide a way that interviewee can indicate we want our identities exposed in your move including the written summaries and product promo language so our names are carried aggressively into the search engines-authentic exposure.
  4. Could you please consider that your language about “unless someone steps forward and exposes corruption” is insulting to those civil rights heroes who have been in the trenches laying the groundwork that you seek to chronicle in your Lawless America Movie Project? Your own State’s beloved former Senator Nancy Schaefer’s work is dishonored when you present as though you are the first one who has the idea to utilize the internet technologies to gather evidence and witness testimony.  You insult the work of Kathleen Russell Center for Judicial Excellence; and the 12 year work of HireLyrics Administrative Services 2002 Federal Crime Victim Class Action Case Studies reported in administrative solution U.S. Citizens (controlled) public docket database.
  5. Bill, I ask you to consider acknowledging by written Release Terms and Conditions, the pioneers who laid the foundation for us all as your fellow peers, other community development leaders, like Eliot Ivan Bernstein’s Iviewit Technologies inventor ten plus years forging of solid relationships to survive and hold on through litigation and car bombing, well exposed at  I would ask you, Bill Windsor of Lawless America, to recognize that Debbie Tucker Williams who parlayed Michigan Child Abuse Registry Fraud into community responsibility, organizing Church Leaders Media Resources beginning with standing in the camp of Maryanne Godboldo while the third illegal adoption of her malpractice injured/disabled grandchild Malik Tucker Tyler, by a probate lawyer’s transference of property agenda was underway. 
    I would ask you, Bill, rather than issue form letter email ultimatums that unless we confirm that you will move on without us, that you recognize you should be accounting to Michael Nazario who stood his ground against false allegation to be the first that I know of to get a Federal Court to open Accurate Causes of Action RICO Personal Injuries caused by Legal Malpractice of Hennepin County Fourth Judicial District Family Division DHS CPS and Sheriff’s Department, U.S.D.C. Minnesota, bypassing the systematically abused immunity language in 1983 Civil Rights Act.  Michael Nazario is protecting his information technology position with the world’s largest bank.  You owe it to Michael Nazario and other victims turned New Civil Rights Hero like him to account to them as to how you are going to protect them from losing their jobs because someone who wants to retaliate against New Civil Rights Heroes got a hold of your database.
  6. Are you able to present a proposal to those who you are asking for contribution of life impacting vested interest that you are in fact talking to your peers, fellow community leaders who have a right to ask you to disclose the same sensitive information you are asking of us?
  7. Two Way Accountability would require you to account for (1) why are you asking for people’s employers outside of any mutually obligatory contract, and (2) how would you keep a federal crime victim of official corruption fraud civil rights from being retaliated against by his employer if the information you are gathering in your database is breached even with your best intentions?  The internet technologies provide powerful collaboration resources, but make no mistake, we do not control the internet technologies.  Bill Windsor, your using your owned server to provide free hosting and uploading exposure vids taken down by mainstream hosts is admirable but surely you know that huge servers have been taken down by those with knowledge and ability to do so.
  8. The person who contributes in good faith our stories should not have to risk their loved ones names significant others and employers being in the control of someone who has not entered into any obligatory contract with the contributor of the work product.


I wish you all the best of success on your movie project and applaud the work you have done, but remember if you want to share intimacy with any person (and I can’t think of anything more intimate than Child Slaughter U.S. Economy Fraud Judicial Accountability Prison and Public Safety Reform), then you are going to have to acknowledge us in public.


In Good-Will,

Ezekiel and Arriyel’s Grandma rox



Roxanne Grinage
HireLyrics Administrative Services
U.S. Citizens Public Docket Database
PO Box 22225
Philadelphia Pa 19136
Tel 267-444-0594 Fax 215-405-2939

— On Sat, 3/24/12, Rhonda Palmer wrote:

From: Rhonda Palmer
Subject: Lawless America…The Movie “I would love to participate in the movie and tell my story”
To: “” <>
Cc: “Roxanne Grinage” <>
Date: Saturday, March 24, 2012, 3:29 PM

Dear Mr. Windsor:  Thank you so much for contacting me via Roxanne Grinage and extending the opportunity to possibly participate in your documentary about the on-going corruption, dishonesty and greed that is rife today in our state and federal government and runs the gamut on all levels.  The last 3 + years has been a surreal nightmare for myself and the members of my family.  Today, I am a different person because of the pain and suffering I endured and when reflecting back at my outlook and naiviete prior to this experience I  am just a little embarrassed for my ignorance.  I would never have believed that the hellish existence of the last 3 + years could happen to me and in our country and the fine state of Alaska where I have always been so proud to reside until now.  During this time, my civil rights and those of my family’s (to include my significant other’s) have been violated by numerous officials in numerous ways, for a very long time.  What happned to us here in this small community of Kodiak, AK was truly comparable to the Salem Witch Hunts, just throw some conflict of interest, greed, ignorance, negligence and a good dose of arrogance and add the dishonesty for a modern day twist.  Some of the key players that persecuted my family and I would include Office of  Children Services, Office of Public Advocacy for Children from which the conflict of interest, money grubbing, fraudulent GAL and the attorney who represented the source of all these false allegations, my daughter’s father, Jason Albert Tandler and a Superior Court Judge who allowed slander, perjury and wild tales of murder to sexual abuse into the CINA and Custody case of my child as fact without the accused allowed to attend or submit documentation to dispute these outlandish tales after the fact.


So here is the basic information you have requested of me to be considered for your documentary:


(information deleted by me)


William M. Windsor

I, William M. Windsor, am not an attorney.  This website expresses my OPINIONS.   The comments of visitors or guest authors to the website are their opinions and do not therefore reflect my opinions.  Anyone mentioned by name in any article is welcome to file a response.   This website does not provide legal advice.  I do not give legal advice.  I do not practice law.  This website is to expose government corruption, law enforcement corruption, political corruption, and judicial corruption.   Whatever this website says about the law is presented in the context of how I or others perceive the applicability of the law to a set of circumstances if I (or some other author) was in the circumstances under the conditions discussed.  Despite my concerns about lawyers in general, I suggest that anyone with legal questions consult an attorney for an answer, particularly after reading anything on this website.  The law is a gray area at best.  Please read our Legal Notice and Terms.

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