Orly Taitz – The Queen of the Birthers


One of my hundreds of phone calls from the last three weeks was from Orly Taitz.

 I was finally able to return her call today, and we had a great chat.

If you don’t know the name “Orly Taitz,” you will know about the efforts of the birthers with President Obama’s birth status.

Orly wants to team up with us in the battle against governmental corruption….




Orly Taitz — The Queen of the Birthers

Orly Taitz is an attorney.  She is determined to disprove President Obama’s claim of American birth and his rights to be president.  She is very controversial!

There are many stories online about her efforts; she has managed to get mainstream media coverage, and she has a lot of influential, powerful contacts.  Here are some of the stories:

Queen of the Birthers  

Orly Taitz — Wikipedia

Orly Taitz Videos

Orly shared with me some of her experiences with judicial corruption.  These were very real.  She gave me a number of people to contact who she believes want to become involved in an effort to attack government corruption.







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