Lawless America…The Movie is coming to Your State – Help REALLY NEEDED


LAWLESS AMERICA…THE MOVIE, a documentary about judicial corruption and government corruption, begins filming in a month.  The movie will be filmed in all 50 states and will feature at least one victim from each state.

GRIP really, really needs some help to pull this together.

There are three simple things that you could do to help me….

The movie will be a Lawless America Production with all proceeds donated to GRIP — Government Reform & Integrity Platform.  

It is our hope that this movie can educate many, many people about the reality that America is broken.

I will drive to all 50 states filming interviews with victims in every state.  We will visit every state capital.  Much of the filming will be done in front of courthouses or the capitol buildings.

We will film as many three-minute stories as possible.  Each person who want to be in the movie must send me an email or Microsoft Word file containing their proposed script.  Our talented screenwriter will edit for style and length, and we will return the final script to each participant.  We will film each interview with the victim giving a three-minute presentation by either reading the script or speaking the story.  Then I (or another host) will interview each victim on camera.  We will try to get film of important locations that tie into the best stories.


Interviews Needed

We need to interview people with excellent stories of government corruption, law enforcement corruption, corporate corruption, and judicial corruption.  We already have a list of over 200 people to interview, but we need to identify many more, and we need to be sure we interview those with the best stories.  Please email me at if you would like to be interviewed, or if you can recommend people.  Please try to send me names, address, telephone numbers, and email addresses. 

If you could just send me your database of contacts of people who are victims or supporters of the battle against corruption, I promise to keep it confidential.  In addition to people to interview, we need to be able to email a significant number of people in each statein an effort to draw crowds to the courthouse or capitol.  Most email programs have an export function.  Export your contacts; load them into Excel; then add a column and note victims, supporters, etc.  You can delete the rows of family and friends who won’t be interested.  Then just email your list to me.

Promotion Needed

Another GREAT way to reach people is for you to post something on Facebook and on the pages for organizations that you belong to, websites that you visit, and forums that you participate in.  Please put the word out anywhere you can.  Link to the story about the movie.

We are going to offer to promote for all organizations and websites battling corruption.  Your organization can send signage to William M. Windsor, 3924 Lower Roswell Road, Marietta, GA 30068.  Small posters will be displayed at each courthouse and capitol building for $125; that’s $1 a day.  Banner signage on the bus will be sold for $500 plus printing and application costs.  If your organization has any special needs, such as a petition or a person carrying your sign and distributing your promotional material, please email, and we’ll see if we can do what you need.  Every advertiser will be listed in the movie credits as a sponsor.

Help Needed

We need people with motion picture production skills to volunteer their skills.  This will be a unique project, and it will look good on a resume, but there will be no pay to anyone.  All revenues generated will be donated to GRIP.  Especially helpful will be people who can volunteer to help with the production work in each capital city; we will need a camera operator, lighting assistant, and audio assistant at each stop.  We will also need one production assistant who can ensure that we get talent waivers signed by those who appear on camera.

We plan to use an RV or a “Tour Bus.”  If you would like to join the trip as a driver and Assistant Producer, we need someone.  You will sleep in the bus, and your meals and incidental expenses will be covered.  If the movie makes money, you will retractively be paid for the time you donated.

A Public Relations person will be needed to send out news releases and coordinate media coverage.  My wife and I got a lot of media coverage on our 2003 50-state trip, but it would have been much better if someone had been handling it for us.

William M. Windsor

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