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BREAKING NEWS John Eric Armstrong is FREE in Ellis County Texas after 457 Days in Jail

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Breaking News - Case dismissed against John Eric Armstrong after 457 days of unlawful solitary confinement in the Ellis County Texas Jail.  A hearing was held at 8:30 a.m. on October 7, 2021 in the 443rd District Court in Waxahachie, Texas.  The corrupt Ellis County District Attorney filed a Motion to Dismiss, which was granted by corrupt judge Cindy Ermatinger!!!!!

12:30 p.m. Update -- October 7, 2021:  John Eric Armstrong is FREE -- Out of jail.  He was so anxious to get out of there that he walked home.  He's showering and is anxious to get a haircut and a beard trim as he was denied both for 457 days.  The only haircut option in the Ellis County Jail is a skinhead cut.  Bald.  Eric passed on that, so he looks like a mountain man.  Anticipating some media coverage based on a conversation I had with the President of one media group.

1:00 a.m. Update -- October 8, 2021:  I have to admit I'm a little worried about why they let him go.  I smell a rat.  Hope I'm wrong.

John Eric Armstrong had been unlawfully locked up for 457 days.

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But his case was just DISMISSED!

This is such exciting news!!!!  This is the worst case of INjustice I have ever reviewed.

I spoke with Eric last night.  

He received a dismissal
 PRESUMABLY WITH PREJUDICE.  This means it's over.  They can't again try to charge him with stalking to conceal the assault with a deadly weapon crimes of the sister of a high-ranking Ellis County Sheriff's Officer, Stephanie Lauren Kersh.  Eric is headed back to solitary to pack his meager possessions (mainly legal documents), and then he'll sit and wait to hear the magic words over the loudspeaker.  The message is delivered in one of two ways: "Armstrong, All the Way!" or "Armstrong, PACK YOUR S*IT."

John Eric Armstrong will be taken to the Booking Area in the Ellis County Jail where he will sign another document.  He will be given the clothes he wore when arrested that are now at least 100-pounds too small.  He'll turn in his Creamsicle-colored jail wear and receive anything in his "property" as well as the remaining money "on his books."  Dale, his stepfather, and Bruce, his pastor, were there at the hearing.  His loving Mom, Barbara Cochran, could not be there as she has COVID and is quarantined.  Dale planned to pick him up at the VIP Entrance to the Ellis County Jail, but Eric just left and walked home.

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Dale is on the way to the store to buy Eric something to wear home.  Went in as a 2X and 212 pounds, now needs a 5X.  He'll just have to keep my 2X Lawless America T-shirt until he loses all that weight again.  The photo on the right is what he looked like when incarcerated.  He now looks much like the photo on the left.  Eric lost 250 pounds after he quit the Ellis County Jail.  He has a medical condition that causes him to gain weight from stress.  457 days in solitary cost him at least 150 pounds of stresss.

I just spoke to Mom Barbara and Stepfather Dale, and they are ECSTATIC!

Judge Cindy Ermatinger even told Eric during the hearing that he will separately need to deal with the (unlawful) protective order.  Way ahead of her on that, as usual.

I wish we knew why Ellis County has done this.  Ellis County has known this has been their crime from the very beginning.  Ellis County knows John Eric Armstrong did not commit any crime.

Is it because they suspected a federal court would throw the book at them?

Is it because the federal court's ruling should pave the way for a massive jury award in the civil suit John Eric Armstrong will now file?

Is it because they grew tired of dealing with a pro se defendant who they could not control?

Is it because they grew tired of the full-time job the Case of John Eric Armstrong had become?

Is it because Eric was denied, in the most extreme way, his right to a speedy trial?

Is it because they sensed the Texas Attorney General was about to establish a precedent in this case that would benefit every Texas pro se defendant in the future?

Is it because we have proven his indictment is a fraud and that all 504 prisoners in the Ellis County Jail are being held on fraudulent indictments?

Is it because the Ellis County Grand Jury Foreperson, Norma Chambers, told her husband to tell me that she had no recollection of the indictment of John Eric Armstrong?

Is it because they hoped they wouldn't get starring roles in my documentary?

Is it because they've figured out their porn star complainant is a pathological liar who needs to be committed to a mental institution?

Is it because I called Judge Cindy Ermatinger?

Is it because John Eric Armstrong has made it clear that nothing was going to stop him?

Is it because John Eric Armstrong has announced his candidacy for Sheriff?

Is it because of the dozens of crimes committed against John Eric Armstrong?

Is it because the media has become involved?

Is it because federal authorities are now involved?

Is it the support of  Pastor Bruce and GOD?

I'll be writing a "How to Get Out of Jail and Win Your Case Roadmap."

Oh....and to those Public Pretenders and Paid Attorneys who said he didn't have a chance in you-know-where, stick it where the sun don't shine.

If you need help trying to get someone out of jail before trial, feel free to contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Imagine you were locked up and had no one to help.  You couldn't even get toothpaste or a cracker.  Then imagine the joy when they tell you that you have $5 on "your books."  At that moment, the impact on you will be profound.  Let's work together and brighten some dark days.  And I'll keep working night and day to expose the corruption there.  
Please help an Ellis County Jail prisoner buy something he or she wants or needs -- Soup (Ramen Noodles), a pad of paper, toothpaste, or something to drink.  Give $5 to the GoFundMe Campaign.


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Bill Windsor was held in the Ellis County Texas Jail unlawfully for 53 days, so he loves the idea of helping bring down what he calls the Ellis County Evildoers. 

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Bill Windsor

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