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Missoula Municipal Court Judge Sam Warren unlawfully restrained Bill Windsor for 546 days in a plot to get him


Missoula Municipal Court Judge Sam Warren unlawfully restrained Bill Windsor for 546 days, caused him to be held in jail for 134 days as a political prisoner.

Judge Sam Warren had been on the job for just nine months.

It likely began as ignorance, became incompetence, and was part of a plot by the Montana Mafia to get Bill Windsor.

Bill Windsor believes Judge Sam Warren was ignorant at first.  But then what was done to William M. Windsor seems like it was a carefully-planned scheme to get him.  Too many people ignoring the facts and the law.  Too many people being dishonest or downright criminal.

Judge Sam Warren is a Missoula Municipal Court Judge.  Missoula Municipal Court has jurisdiction of all misdemeanors and Missoula City Ordinance violations alleged to have occurred within Missoula city limits.  This means it is Traffic Court.  99% of the cases are traffic tickets.  News reports about the Missoula Municipal Court talk about the significant number of traffic tickets that roll through the Missoula Municipal Court and how the judges have so little time.


Judge Sam Warren was sworn in on December 12, 2012 by Judge Kathleen Jenks.  Judge Sam Warren was hired at $33.20 an hour.  He obviously wasn't any good as an attorney because attorneys make hundreds of dollars an hour even in the middle of nowhere in Missoula Montana.  Judge Sam Warren is a part-time employee of the City of Missoula Montana.  He makes $55,000 a year.  I'm sure he's glad he spent so many years in college to get a law degree and make less than a fast food restaurant manager.

When he was hired, Judge Sam Warren said: "I enjoy the opportunity to give folks advice that might help them take their lives in a different direction."  Yeah, right.

Judge Sam Warren also said: “Ninety-nine percent of the people you deal with are nice, average citizens getting traffic tickets. We’re not dealing with Ted Bundy here.”  I wonder what kind of life-changing advice Judge Sam Warren gives to people with speeding tickets or folks who don't come to a full stop at a stop sign?  It must be epic.

Judge Sam Warren was a deputy city attorney in Missoula in the 1980s before going into "private practice."  An ambulance chaser, no doubt.


Judge Kathleen Jenks had been on the job only 16 months when she appointed Judge Sam Warren.  She was appointed to fill out the remainder of Judge Don Louden’s term after he retired in August 2011.  The Missoula City Council appointed her.

Bill Windsor had an experience with Judge Kathleen Jenks that told him he was dealing with corruption within days after he arrived in Missoula Montana on August 4, 2013.  He went there to film the story of how Sean Boushie is paid to cyberstalk, harass, defame, and threaten people from his alleged job cleaning up the labs in the University of Montana Biology Department. 

Sean Boushie shot at Bill Windsor's car and attempted to murder him as he drove from Butte to Misssoula Montana.  Sean B**shie sent Bill Windsor an email admitting it.

William M. Windsor went to the Missoula Municipal Court, filed a sworn petition for temporary order of protection, and filed an affidavit with approximately 500 pages of evidence.  Bill Windsor's petition was denied without an opportunity to even see Judge Kathleen Jenks.  She might have been too busy with a speeding ticket or an expired license to deal with attempted murder and 147 threats to do bodily harm to Bill Windsor.  But, Bill believes it is more likely that she was cued by the powers-that-be to stop Bill Windsor in his tracks. 

It got interesting and smelled of corruption when Judge Kathleen Jenks refused to even issue an order so William M. Windsor could appeal. 

Judge Kathleen Jenks alleged oral order was conveyed by Clerk Matt Sheldon, a city employee who has also been involved in wrongdoing in the Clerk's Office.  Most of what Bill Windsor sent to be filed never appeared on the docket and was never addressed by the court.  This was Matt Sheldon's doing as well as Shirley Faust's doing at the Fourth Judicial District Court Clerk's Office.


Judge Sam Warren replaced Judge Marie Andersen, who left the job in October 2012.  Judge Marie Andersen said Judge Kathleen Jenks fired her, although Judge Kathleen Jenks denied this.  Sure!  At the time, though, Judge Kathleen Jenks made it clear she would not reappoint Judge Marie Anderson.  There was quite a stink over all of this as well as a big lawsuit. 

Marie Anderson is now Justice of the Peace Marie Anderson in Missoula Montana.  Interestingly, Justice of the Peace Marie Anderson set Bill Windsor's bond at $1,000,000, without legal authority, which kept him in the Missoula County Detention Center.  But Bill says she seemed nice and was in over her head handling something she wasn't supposed to handle.

A wrongful termination lawsuit by former Municipal Court Judge Marie Andersen was filed against the City of Missoula in the U.S. District Court of Montana.  In a preliminary statement, Marie Andersen alleged that city officials and staff undermined her authority, criticized her health-related absences (she was run over by a car while working), and arbitrarily changed her work schedule.  On October 11, 2012, Judge Kathleen Jenks fired Marie Andersen without warning at a meeting with the court administrator, the lawsuit alleges.

"Judge Kathleen Jenks did not reprimand Judge Marie Andersen for any performance-related conduct, verbally or in writing,” reads the filing.

One of Justice of the Peace Marie Anderson's charges is that “As a result of her observations regarding wrongful arrests resulting from the issuance of bad warrants, she commenced working on a project to quash warrants which were legally invalid.”  Marie Andersen tried to get the court administrator to help, but the court administrator resisted.  “The court administrator and Judge Kathleen Jenks blamed Marie Anderson for newspaper articles which reflected poorly on Judge Kathleen Jenks’ administration of Municipal Court, despite the fact that Marie Anderson did nothing to trigger the writing of the articles by the Missoulian or a Letter to the Editor written by a former Co-Occurring Court employee.”


During this melodrama, Judge Sam Warren was new on the job.  He obviously didn't know what he was doing.  Just nine months into his part-time job, on August 21, 2013, Sean B**shie showed up at the Missoula Municipal Court and saw Matt Sheldon in the Clerk's Office.  He gave Matt Sheldon a sworn Petition for Temporary Order of Protection in which he swore that William M. Windsor assaulted him with a gun.  The Petition was filled with a story that Sean B**shie, a well-known pathological liar, made up. 

Matt Sheldon took the Petition to Judge Sam Warren, and he signed a Temporary Order of Protection ("EX PARTE TOP") against Bill Windsor. (When another victim, Mary Wilson, attempted to get a protective order against Sean Boushie, Matt Sheldon told her that Bill Windsor made up everything about Sean B**shie.  He wouldn't even accept her petition.  So, it appears that Matt Sheldon was very much in on the plot.)

Judge Sam Warren didn't speak to Sean B**shie or Bill Windsor, who knew nothing about this.  Bill Windsor had just provided evidence to the University of Montana Police that should have resulted in the arrest of Sean B**shie for stalking.

In his EX PARTE TOP, Judge Sam Warren denied one Constitutional right after another.  He apparently wasn't familiar with Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press, or the rights to Due Process.  His order indicated that Bill Windsor was restricted from publishing the words "Sean B**shie," and it said Bill Windsor had to GIVE his TV show website to Sean B**shie.  Judge Sam Warren was apparently also unfamiliar with the Montana statutes regarding TOPs (Montana Code Annotated Title 40 Chapter 15).  He set the EX PARTE TOP to expire on September 16, 2013.  That was 24 days.  But the Montana statutes say it may be for a maximum of 20 days, so his EX PARTE TOP was void. 

warren-sam-headshot-missoulian-com-200w jenks-kathleen-2-heqadshot-200w larson-john-w-judge-missoula-200w
Judge Sam Warren Judge Kathleen Jenks Judge John W. Larson
townsend-karen-judge-nbcmontana-com-200w van-valkenburg-fred-county-attorney-200w pabst-kirsten-dailymail-co-uk-200w
Judge Karen Townsend Attorney Fred Van Valkenburg Attorney Kirsten Pabst
clark-jennifer-headshot-smiling-billingsgazette-200w 00-montana-tyler-dugger-headshot orzech-karen-missoula-justice-of-the-peace-200w
Attorney Jennifer Clark Student Tyler Dugger Judge Karen Orzech

Things went from bad to worse as Judge Sam Warren never held the hearing that the statutes say "MUST be held within 20 days."  He neglected to hold the hearing, and he made one mistake after another in trying to cover up for his actions and inactions.  Bill Windsor believes that Judge John W. Larson began orchestrating this.  At this point, Bill Windsor is convinced that Judge Sam Warren became part of the plot involving City of Missoula and Missoula County officials -- Judge Kathleen Jenks, Judge John W. Larson, Judge Karen S. Townsend, Missoula County Attorney Fred Van Valkenburg, new Missoula County Attorney Kirsten Pabst, Deputy Missoula County Attorney Jennifer Clark, would-be-attorney University of Montana student Tyler Dugger...

engstrom-royce-mtcompact-org-200w france-lucy-university-of-montana-200w claudia-denker-eccles-professional-photo-200w
President Royce Engstrom Attorney Lucy France Attorney Claudia Denker-Eccles

...University of Montana President Royce Engstrom, University of Montana Attorney Lucy France, University of Montana Attorney Claudia Denker-Eccles...

chris-shermer-cropped-200w  faust-shirley-missoula-clerk-200w silhouette-question-mark-200w 
Detective Chris Shermer Court Clerk Shirley Faust Court Clerk Matt Sheldon

...Missoula Police Department Investigator Chris Shermer, Missoula County Clerk of Court Shirley Faust, Missoula Municipal Court Clerk Matt Sheldon...


...Montana Supreme Court Justices Michael E. Wheat, Beth Baker, Patricia Cotter, Jim Rice, Laurie McKinnon, and Michael McGrath...

 christensen-dana-l-us-district-judge-200w lynch-jeremiah-official-photo-200w  sean-boushie-1-26-2013 7-41-30 pm-head-cropped-200w
Judge Dana L. Christensen Magistrate Jeremiah C. Lynch Sean B**shie

United States District Judge Dana L. Christensen, United States Magistrate Jeremiah C. Lynch, and paid government cyberstalker, Sean B**shie (collectively considered to be the "Montana Mafia").

Using the void order of Judge Sam Warren (EX PARTE TOP) and his many errors in failing to comply with the law, Jennifer Clark and Tyler Dugger filed false affidavits with Judge Karen S. Townsend charging William Michael Windsor with five heinous crimes -- Tweeting, Emailing, Publishing, and filming the Lawless America Movie.  Bill Windsor was charged with two misdemeanors and three felonies, and he faces seven years in the Montana State Prison.  Missoula County Attorney Jennifer Clark claimed the EX PARTE TOP was valid for 546 days.  She conveniently ignored the fact that the statute says it must be valid for only 20 days and that a hearing MUST be held.  Jennifer Clark also charged Bill Windsor for things that are absolutely Constitutionally-protected rights.  She came up with five charges with the help of the Joeyisalittlekid Gang and their attorneys so she could claim three of them were felonies.  This enabled her to work with the very corrupt Ellis County Texas District Attorney Patrick Wilson to have Bill Windsor unlawfully incarcerated for 134 days.  And she did it through the ignorance, incompetence, and then obvious plot participation of Judge Sam Warren.

windsor-bill-2012-07-19-camera-elmira-200w windsor-bill-2014-09-05-navy-shirt-cropped-200w windsor-bill-2014-10-28-mugshot-ellis-county-jail-200w
Bill Windsor filming documentary Bill Windsor October 2, 2014 Bill Windsor October 28, 2014

The Montana Mafia needed to stop Bill Windsor from exposing that Montana is the most corrupt state in America and that the University of Montana pays people (Sean B**shie) to cyberstalk, stalk, threaten, harass, and attempt to murder people.  Because of this special work that the University of Montana does for various government entities, Sean Boushie is protected from the hundreds of crimes that he has committed against Bill Windsor, Crystal Cox, and others.

Missoulian Article about Missoula Municipal Court Judges.

Here are Judge Samuel M. Warren's answers to questions when he was interviewed for the job.

Missoulian Article: Marie Andersen: Once fired, now suing and running for Missoula County Justice of the Peace

 Photos copyright Missoulian, Billings Gazette, and others

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