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Bill Windsor has filed a number of Motions to Dismiss the criminal charges against him


 Bill Windsor has filed a number of Motions to Dismiss the criminal charges against him. There is no basis for the charges at all -- never has been...never will be.

Now Bill waits for Judge Judge James A. Haynes to act on the motions.

Bill Windsor could spend the rest of his life in the Montana State Prison for filming a documentary.

A Preliminary Pre-Trial Conference in Case # DC-14-509 in the Fourth Judicial District Court in Missoula County Montana was held on 9/11.  Musch to William M. Windsor's surprise, Judge James A. Haynes ordered Deputy Missoula County Attorney Jennifer Clark to file a Brief within 14 days responding to whether the EX PARTE TEMPORARY Order of Protection entered on August 23, 2015 remained valid up to 546 days later.  Judge James A. Haynes indicated that the charges might have to be dismissed.  Of course I've been saying this for a year.  Here is the Brief filed by Jennifer Clark on September 23, 2015: DC-14-509-STATE-Brief-on-Validity-of-TOPJennifer Clark's position on behalf of the State of Montana is bogus as I am sure she knows.  My Response Brief will be filed soon, snd I will post it here.  Rarely do you find a case that has virtually the same facts, but I found one.  Not only is it a near-perfect set of facts and a court decision that ruled a temporary order of protection was invalid after the days stated in the statute, but the case comes from the very court where my charges are.  Fourth Judicial District Couet in Missoula County Montana.  Different judge, but same court.

Deputy Missoula County Attorney Jennifer Clark is also attempting to amend the "Information."  The "Information" consists of the charges against me.  This is her motion -- DC-14-509-Motion-to-File-Amended-Information-STATE-2015-09-18For many reasons, this motion should be denied.  Here is my Response: DC-14-509-Motion-to-File-Amended-Information-Response-2015-09-30.

Bill Windsor's charges are ridiculous.  Tweeting, Emailing an attorney, and publishing the words "Sean Boushie" online four times.  These are rights under the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  There are a number of Constitutional issues involved in this case, so Bill worked for weeks preparing a Brief on Constitutional Rights and Unconstitutional Statutes.  Bill Windsor emailed it to the Clerk of the Court for filing on September 30, and within a few minutes, he received an email back saying Judge James A. Haynes refused to allow the Brief to be filed.  William M. Windsor has pulled together a lot of excellent case law citations to support Constitutional issues.  Here is the Brief in both PDF and Word files.  Feel free to use the case law citations if they can help you.  DC-14-509-Brief-on-Constitutional-Rights-Unconstitutional-Statutes-2015-09-29  -- Microsoft Word File -- DC-14-509-Brief-on-Constitutional-Rights-Unconstitutional-Statutes-2015-09-29 -- PDF File.

Next in importance was a Motion to Dismiss for Lack of Probable Cause.  DC-14-509-Motion-to-Dismiss-Lack-of-Probable-Cause-2015-08-28 -- DC-14-509-Motion-to-Dismiss-Lack-of-Probable-Cause-STATE-Response-2015-09-23 -- DC-14-509-Motion-to-Dismiss-Lack-of-Probable-Cause-Reply-to-Response-2015-09-29 -- DC-14-509-Motion-to-Dismiss-Lack-of-Probable-Cause-2015-08-28-Exhibit-A -- DC-14-509-Motion-to-Dismiss-Lack-of-Probable-Cause-2015-08-28-Exhibit-B -- DC-14-509-Motion-to-Dismiss-Lack-of-Probable-Cause-2015-08-28-Exhibit-C -- DC-14-509-Motion-to-Dismiss-Lack-of-Probable-Cause-2015-08-28-Exhibit-D -- DC-14-509-Motion-to-Dismiss-Lack-of-Probable-Cause-2015-08-28-Exhibit-E -- DC-14-509-Motion-to-Dismiss-Lack-of-Probable-Cause-2015-08-28-Exhibit-F.

Montana has no jurisdiction over Bill Windsor.  So this is a very important motion.  It was denied within minutes.  I believe Judge James A. Haynes denied it because he knows he is going to be dismissing the charges, and denying this doesn't make the State of Montana look quite as bad.  DC-14-509-Motion-to-Dismiss-Lack-of-Jurisdiction-2015-08-06 -- DC-14-509-Motion-to-Dismiss-Lack-of-Jurisdiction-STATE-Response-2015-09-23 -- DC-14-509-Motion-to-Dismiss-Lack-of-Jurisdiction-Reply-to-Response-2015-09-29 -- DC-14-509-Motion-to-Dismiss-Lack-of-Jurisdiction-ORDER-2015-09-29.

Five criminal charges were filed against William M. Windsor on October 3, 2014.  Here are the motions, responses, and replies for each of the five charges:

DC-14-509-Motion-to-Dismiss-Charge-Number-1-Publishing-Name-2015-08-24 -- DC-14-509-Motion-to-Dismiss-Charge-Number-1-2-Publishing-Name-STATE-Response-2015-09-23

DC-14-509-Motion-to-Dismiss-Charge-Number-2-Publishing-Name-2015-08-24 -- DC-14-509-Motion-to-Dismiss-Charge-Number-1-2-Publishing-Name-STATE-Response-2015-09-23 -- DC-14-509-Motion-to-Dismiss-Charge-Number-2-Publishing-Name-Reply-to-Response-2015-09-29

DC-14-509-Motion-to-Dismiss-Charge-Number-3-Website-2015-08-27 -- DC-14-509-Motion-to-Dismiss-Charge-Number-3-Website-STATE-Response-2015-09-23 -- DC-14-509-Motion-to-Dismiss-Charge-Number-3-Website-Reply-to-Response-2015-09-30

DC-14-509-Motion-to-Dismiss-Charge-Number-4-Tweet-2015-08-24 -- DC-14-509-Motion-to-Dismiss-Charge-Number-4-Tweet-STATE-Response-2015-09-23 -- DC-14-509-Motion-to-Dismiss-Charge-Number-4-Tweet-Reply-to-Response-2015-09-29

DC-14-509-Motion-to-Dismiss-Charge-Number-5-Email-2015-08-26 -- DC-14-509-Motion-to-Dismiss-Charge-Number-5-Email-STATE-Response-2015-09-23 -- DC-14-509-Motion-to-Dismiss-Charge-Number-5-Email-Reply-to-Response-2015-09-29

An assortment of other Pre-Trial Motions were also filed:

DC-14-509-Motion-to-Allow-Polygraph-Evidence-2015-09-01 -- DC-14-509-Motion-to-Allow-Polygraph-Evidence-STATE-Response-2015-09-23 -- DC-14-509-Motion-to-Allow-Polygraph-Evidence-Reply-to-Response-2015-09-29 -- DC-14-509-Motion-to-Allow-Polygraph-Evidence-ORDER-2015-09-30

DC-14-509-Motion-Regarding-Filming-Security-2015-08-28 -- DC-14-509-Motion-Regarding-Filming-Security-STATE-Response-2015-09-23

DC-14-509-Motion-to-Modify-Requirements-for-Pre-Trial-Conference-2015-08-27 -- DC-14-509-Motion-to-Modify-Requirements-for-Pre-Trial-Conference-STATE-Response-2015-09-23 -- DC-14-509-Motion-to-Modify-Requirements-for-Pre-Trial-Conference-Reply-to-Response-2015-09-29


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If you want to reach Bill Windsor, his home address is 110 East Center Street #1213, Madison, SD 57042.  That mail gets forwarded to him once a week.  His email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This. His phone is 770-578-1094, but it is not answered; messages are checked by dialing in to Verizon from a state far, far away, and Bill receives an email with the name, number, and one sentence summary of each message.

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