Index to Type of Corruption Testimony presented to Congress by Lawless America


This index makes it easy for you to find those filmed by Lawless America by the type of corruption of interest to you

Simply click on the Corruption Type to see a list of people filmed about that type of corruption.

Please note that there are multiple pages, so scroll to the bottom of the page to access the subsequent pages.

 Check the list often as Lawless America will be continually adding additional filmed testimonyThere are currently over 3,000 people who have asked to be filmed but have not yet done so.  There are also hundreds who need to add the corruption type to their database listing.

For information by, state, see the State Corruption Index.  Each state also has a Lawless America State Coordinator, a Lawless America Facebook Page, and a special state email address.

Click on the type of corruption of interest to you.

Attorney Misconduct Environmental Corruption Military Corruption
Children and Family Court Financial Corruption Probate Court
Civil Courts Foreclosure Fraud Vote Fraud
CriminalCourts Government Corruption Whistleblower Abuse    
Divorce Court Guardianship Abuse Other
Domestic Abuse Juvenile Courts  
Employment Corruption Law Enforcement Abuse       


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