Funding for Lawless America…The Movie to be provided by The Raven Media Group, LLC


Funding for Lawless America…The Movie is to be provided by The Raven Media Group, LLC.

This is BIG NEWS, folks.

After months of less than spectacular results seeking donations, The Raven Media Group, LLC has committed to provide the funding for the movie project.

The Raven Media Group, LLC, is a multi-faceted company, financing and producing media products, like movies, TV shows, radio programs, books, CD’s and new inventions.

Global Innovations, LLC, founded by Laurence D. Gordon, is a foundation that is addressing world concerns in the areas of poverty, hunger, irrigation, and sickness. We are striving to ease the needless loss of life due to poor or no  fresh water for children in developing nations. We are looking to aid in the medical relief that can saves hundreds of lives a day through supporting groups like Doctors Without Borders and others. Global Innovations, LLC can and will affect the quality of life for those in need around the world.

Laurence D. Gordon is the Founder and President of The Raven Media Group.  Lary is an Actor, Producer, Director, Writer, Published Author, Patent Holder, Singer/Song-writer.  he is a real renaissance man.  He’s a jack of all trades and has them all well in hand.  With over 25 years in the arts and entertainment industry, he brings a strong working knowledge of how to get things done from the financing to the production.  Larry now becomes the Executive Producer for the movie.

Nicki Tompkins is a Co-Executive Producer through her company, Purple Paradise Productions, LLC. 

I was introduced to Larry, Nicki, and Raven by Jimmie-Duane Ross, one of the victims who will be in the movie.  HUGE thanks to Jimmie.

This will change some things — all for the good.  It will not change the schedule; the road trip begins June 14.  But I may be met a little ways down the road by an RV and an experienced film crew.

William M. Windsor

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