Family Court Judge Accused Of Domestic Violence


Family Court Judge and Pinal County Commissioner, Theresa Ratliff, has been arrested and is accused of domestic violence and may be charged with kidnapping, stemming from a fight with her husband, according to the Pinal County Arizona Sheriff’s Department.

CBS-5 News obtained the 911 tape from the night of April 30, 2011, when Ratliff’s husband called for help while the couple was driving along Interstate-10, south of Phoenix.

The woman who is supposed to protect people from family violence faces serious charges including family violence….

Family Court Judge Theresa Ratliff faces serious charges!

Court officials described Ratliff as a well respected, family court judge, who’s known for being calm and cool on the bench.

However, Ratliff sounded anything but calm, during the 911 call her husband made last month.Authorities said the two were driving home from Phoenix to Casa Grande when the couple got into a fight. During the 911 call you can hear a woman screaming in the background as a dispatcher said, “Are you there?”

The husband later told deputies his wife wouldn’t stop yelling, and at one point, hit him in the chest. You can hear the husband at least a half dozen times ask his wife to stop the car and pull over. “Just let me out. Just pull over,” the husband said to the dispatcher.  “Come on, let me out.”

According to police records, Ratliff told deputies they were arguing over marital issues and that she inadvertently hit him. Both individuals showed signs of alcohol consumption, investigators said.

When the couple arrived home a 911 dispatcher called to check on them. “My kids are all here and I would prefer, I don’t even have a clue what to do right now,” the husband said.  “I don’t want the police swarming here.   I’m OK.” “But is your wife OK?” the dispatcher asked.  “I tried to call you back and I could hear you arguing and she didn’t sound OK.”

CBS-5 News stopped by the judge’s home a few weeks ago, but she did not want to speak with us. “We have no comment,” Ratliff said.

Attribution: http://www.kpho.com/news/28066826/detail.html

Pinal County court commissioner arrested for domestic violence

Family Judge Arrested After Fight With Husband


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