Don Meehan testifies to Congress through Lawless America Movie — See one of the over 750 videos that will be presented to Congress on January 9, 2013


This is an example of the short testimony to Congress that Bill Windsor is filming all over the country for Lawless America…The Movie.

Each person filmed for Lawless America…The Movie is asked to record such testimony.

Bill Windsor will be joined by hundreds of people in Washington, DC on January 9, 2013 when the testimony will be presented to Congress.

 Don Meehan testifies to Congress about Law Enforcement Corruption and Judicial Corruption as part of the Lawless America Movie. 

Don Meehan provides an overview of the evidence he has accumulated that he believes proves his nephew should not be in prison for 99 years for a murder he did not commit.


 This is clearly a case with plenty of wrongdoing  by the authorities.  Danny Meehan didn’t do it, but he is rotting in prison.

 The system has to be changed.  The judges get away with everything they can, and money talks.  This cancer is growing deepoer and deeper in America.

 The American public is, for the most part, naive to what’s going on in the justice system.  Once you get in it, you ask how did this happen.

 Those interested in Lawless America should visit the website at www.LawlessAmerica.com. 

William M. Windsor


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