Disbarred Attorney John E. Wolfgram is attempting to interfere with production of Lawless America…The Movie


I am very sorry to report that disbarred attorney John E. Wolfgram is attempting to interfere with the production of Lawless America…The Movie.

I respectfully request that you disregard anything that you see or hear from John E. Wolfgram.

Here are two of the emails that he is sending around:

“Say, Ron, this guy ‘william windsor’ sent out an enquiry under the above pretending to be a patriot and asking all kinds of personal information that internet con artists would be happy to pay for.  When I enquire as to why he wants all of that personal information he gets hostile and intimidating.  This is the information he says he needs under the auspices of your net.Ron, this guy’s a real fool or a crook.  Are you sure that ‘Willion Windsor’ has permission to be soliciting personal information on your net?


“I ask him why he wants all the personal information he solicites in your name, and he gets violent?  Sounds like a fool or a fed to me.


“Do you know for a fact that this fool has any patriotic bona fides?  If not, you might advise everyone on your net to be cautious.  He looks and acts more like an armature fed than anyone who is really interested in what we are interested in.  It’s not that the feds couldn’t find out everything they want to know if they just asked.  But this guy asks like a crook; or an amature fed; little difference.

“Is he really doing that on your behalf? 


John E. Wolfgram is trying to deceive people with false assertions and is outrageously claiming that requesting a name and contact information as well as information that would be used in an interview for the movie is information that Internet con artists would pay for.  How utterly ridiculous.  This information is available to anyone who wants to get it, and no Internet con artist would pay a plugged nickel for information that isn’t even remotely confidential. 

My request clearly states that what is sent to me will be maintained in confidence.  John E. Wolfgram claims I have become violent and that I have requested information under the auspicies of Ron Branson’s “.net” — uttterly false.  He falsely claims that I am soliciting personal information about others from people such as him.  This is totally false.

John E. Wolfgram is libeling me to people with whom I work.

 John E. Wolfgram has been spamming me for hours despite the fact that I sent him a cease and desist.  I have filed four complaints with hotmail so far — johnwolfgram@hotmailcom.

Please note that the facts are clearly shown on the site.

Here is the information that we request of those who want to be interviewed for the movie:

  1. We are requesting information that will be kept confidential by us, but it will be used to help us contact you now and later, and the information might prove to be helpful to me when I interview you.  In your email response, please provide the following:
    1. Your full name
    2. Your street address
    3. Your city
    4. Your state
    5. Your zip
    6. Home Telephone
    7. Cell Phone
    8. Business Phone
    9. Fax
    10. Best email address for you
    11. Website (if any)
    12. Age
    13. Marital status (if applicable to your story)
    14. Spouse or significant other’s name (if applicable to your story)
    15. Children’s names and ages (if applicable to your story).
    16. Occupation
    17. Title
    18. Employer (if applicable to your story)
    19. Names and contact information from any witnesses who might be helpful in corroborating your story (optional)
    20. Names and contact information for people who have made you a victim (optional – but we will be trying to confront or interview some of the bad guys,

Anyone who feels that their name and contact information, age, and occupation is confidential information that might be misused by a “government spy” or “a fool” should simply decline to be in the movie.

Life is too short for people like John E. Wolfgram.  Sorry, but as I have said many times, I have no tolerance for liars and outrageously rude people.

If there are Internet con artists who will pay for this type of information, please contact me.  I can provide this information for millions of people who aren’t going to be in the movie, and I could use a few bucks.

William M. Windsor

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