Bill Windsor travels to Herkimer, New York to film Tyler & Peeps story with one-percenter motorcycle club – The Highwaymen


Bill Windsor of Lawless America travels to Herkimer, New York to film a story with one-percenter motorcycle club – The Highwaymen Motorcycle Club.

Bill will be escorted into Herkimer by a special security team of bikers.  This is an extremely important story to the entire club.

This is the story of Tyler and “Peeps.”

Tyler & “Peeps” are both bikers, they stopped in a tavern to use the bathroom.  While Tyler used the bathroom “Peeps”, who cannot hear and is disabled, remained near the bathroom by the wall for his brother to come out.  All of a sudden, a guy (bar owner) literally grabs him as do a number of others and start dragging him out into the parking lot where they commence to beat him…  NONE are aware that “Peeps” cannot hear them or is disabled.  Tyler comes out of bathroom,notices a ruckus going on, goes outside and sees his brother on the ground being kicked and beaten.  He tried to break it up and is attacked.

Police arrive and get the story and put one of the aggressive culprits in police car.  The bikers were not arrested, did not press charges, and are allowed to leave because the police assessment at the time was that THEY did not commit any crime.

Two weeks later, Tyler was arrested and charged with “Gang Assault.”  Three weeks later, “Peeps” was arrested and charged with “Gang Assault.”  They were charged with gang assault because both are in a legitimate and legal motorcycle club (with a license on their club wall to be a club).

Turns out the owner of the bar and other participants are deeply associated and interrelated with the police along with the DA and the Judge. 

Although witnesses for the defense came forward to police to give their statements, NO STATEMENT FOR THE DEFENDANTS was ever taken by police nor obtained by any personnel of the DA or the court!

The brothers were forced by the circumstances of the small town, no justice, bias, discrimination against motorcyclists, and the unethical, corrupt activity of the police department, DA, and Judge – to quickly take a “cop-out” rather than risk further results of corruption and excessive time.

Records and film attest to the herein claims.  The only crimes these two brothers committed that day: 1) Stopped to use the bathroom; 2) Peeps is disabled and could not hear the bar owner allegedly screaming at him to get away from the bathroom door (as he claimed is why he attacked Peeps); 3) They rightfully defended themselves.

It all started with a disabled person being aggressively attacked (we have the film) BECAUSE HE WAS DISABLED!


But, the court had no interest in that fact.  If they were not “bikers,” this would not have happened to them, and there is a campaign through B.A.D. {Bikers Against Discrimination} which is fighting to educate the public to stop bias and discrimination against those in the American Biker Culture.

Bill Windsor will be swept into the biker culture at 5 pm  on July 17, 2012 as a security caravan of bikers escorts Bill into Herkimer, New York and the the clubhouse of The Highwaymen Motorcycle Club.  Bill Will interview a half dozen bikers and family members.




William M. Windsor


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