Bill Windsor has been released from Northside Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia


Bill Windsor has been released from the Hospital.

 I woke up Friday morning with tremendous pain in my chest and back. My wife was in Austin visiting our son, so I called our daughter. She came over and took me to the doctor. An EKG indicated that it did not appear to be a heart attack. An ambulance was called, and I took my first-ever ride in the back of an ambulance as a patient.

Iwas taken to Northside Hospital where I was well cared for. Morphine and something else reduced the pain from 9.5 to 6. Another EKG gave them comfort that it was not a heart attack. Blood tests did raise two red flags that were warning signs for blood clots. So, I had a BUNCH of X-Rays and a Cat-Scan.

The most humorous part of the experience was that no one could get an IV into a vein. No less than six teams tried.

At the end of the day, the diagnosis is a pinched nerve in my back. The pain is excruciating. The meds don’t alleviate the pain – just reduce it.

It appears that I will be flat on my back for a while.

So, if you have not receive a response to an email, please realize that I cannot work right now. Please direct your questions to Megan McWhorter or Dennis Schuelke. Their email addresses are in the cc field of this email.

Continue to copy me as well on all emails back and forth.

VOLUNTEERS, this little setback makes it even more essential that each of you gets your projects done and ASAP. Please?!!!!

William M. Windsor

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