Atlanta Judge Jerry W. Baxter wins Horses Ass of the Year Award


Atlanta Fulton County Superior Court Judge Jerry W. Baxter has received the prestigious Horse’s Ass of the Year Award.

The competition was tremendous, but Judge Jerry W. Baxter (also known as “Get a Life, Baxter”) eeked out a win over judges from all across America.

Judge Jerry W. Baxter will be presented his award at a special ceremony where he will be eating his hat….

Judge Baxter topped Family Court Judge William Adams who beat his handicapped child and other corrupt judges in Atlanta, including Judge Orinda D. Evans, Judge William S. Duffey, and Judge Thomas W. Thrash.

Special thanks to Pat Brady, Chairman of the Horses Asses Recognition Committee.

This is big news.  Yahoo returns 809,000 search results for Judge Jerry W. Baxter,” and the Judge Jerry W. Baxter Horse’s Ass Award ranks ninth.

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