Another Miserable excuse for an Attorney appears with Hawkins Parnell Thackston Young — Robert S. Thompson


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This is Robert S. Thompson of Hawkins Parnell Thackston Young.  I believe he is another miserable excuse for an attorney with this law firm that I have charged with criminal racketeering, theft, and other crimes and misconduct.

Until now, almost all of my Hawkins Parnell dealings have been with Carl H. Anderson, Jr., who I believe surely must be one of the most dishonest attorneys in the world.

This Thompson character is at the very least lacking in intelligence if not outright dishonest….

Robert S. Thompson of Hawkins Parnell sent me a letter today in which he claims I am wrong about what has happened over the last five years.  I am right about everything.  If Rob Thomson attorney-at-law isn’t bright enough to know that, then I pity the people who would use him as an attorney.

The only thing good I can say about Hawkins Parnell is that they are apparently well-connected at the courthouse.   But if you are looking for the most well-connected law firm at the courthouses, go with King & Spalding.

Carl H. Anderson, Jr. and Robert S. Thompson are, in my opinion, what is wrong with the legal profession.  Attorney Carl Anderson regularly threatens me, and I find him to be a pathological liar.  I am guessing I will find Rob Thomson and Carl Hugo Anderson are birds of a feather.

I believe Mr. Robert S. Thompson has defamed me in a letter to third parties.  I will seek to file a civil action against him pursuant to Georgia’s fedamation laws.

William M. Windsor

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