64 senior judges and law enforcement officials asked to put Ellis County Texas Judge Cindy Ermatinger and District Attorneys Patrick Wilson and Ann Montgomery-Moran in prison.


64 senior judges and law enforcement officials asked to put Ellis County Texas Judge Cindy Ermatinger and District Attorneys Patrick Wilson and Ann Montgomery-Moran in prison.

Bill Windsor of Lawless America has communicated the charges to Presiding Judge Mary Murphy (shown left) and 63 others, including every senior judge in Texas, every law enforcement agency in Ellis County and Texas, the FBI, and much more…

When you live in Lawless America, you have to get creative when fighting corruption.  Bill Windsor’s approach is to provide evidence of crimes committed by elected officials to law enforcement and judges sworn to uphold the law.  When they ignore their duty and let their corrupt peers get away with crimes, that makes them guilty as well.
Maybe one honest official will do something.  The odds are against it, but we shall see.
Here is the letter that William M. Windsor has sent to 64 officials with a CD containing the evidence.

Dear Attorney General Paxton:

Please pursue criminal charges against Ellis County Judge Cindy Ermatinger, Ellis County District Attorney Patrick Wilson, and Assistant Ellis County District Attorney Ann Montgomery-Moran. I believe they have violated Texas Penal Code Section 36.04, 36.05, 36.06, 37.02, 37.09, 37.10, 37.22, 39.02, 39.03, 71.02, and perhaps other statutes with which I am not familiar.

I believe you have a legal obligation to report these crimes.

I was unlawfully incarcerated in the Ellis County Jail for 53 days on an extradition hold as the result of a conspiracy orchestrated by Ellis County District Attorney Patrick Wilson. On December 19, 2014, Judge Cindy Ermatinger released me from the jail. A so-called “Bond” of three pages was signed by Judge Ermatinger and me in her courtroom. The terms of my release were that I was to travel on my own to Missoula Montana to surrender on charges that I violated an alleged protective order or appear at a hearing in her court on January 21, 2015.

As the transcript of the hearing shows, Ellis County Texas District Attorney Patrick Wilson and Assistant Ellis County District Attorney Ann Montgomery-Moran were in the courtroom and participated in the preparation and signing of the documents; they heard the precise terms of the release explained by Judge Ermatinger, and they received copies of the three-page Bond document. [Exhibit 2 and Exhibit 3.]

But Judge Ermatinger’s release of me spoiled Wilson’s scheme to keep me in jail so I would be unable to pursue a civil case against his political supporters who faced a multimillion dollar judgment in the largest case of defamation in U.S. history that I filed against them. So, Wilson modified his scheme. He scheduled a hearing without notice to me. Ermatinger and Wilson apparently agreed to throw away two important pages of the “Bond” and use a one-page bond that was forged/falsified by Ellis County employees. They agreed to use the forged document and forget that the terms of the release were that I could travel to Montana to surrender. This enabled them to claim that I failed to appear when I was on the road to Montana. Ermatinger forfeited the alleged bond, and a warrant was issued for my arrest. This fraudulent “Bond” was then presented to the Ellis County Grand Jury, and I was indicted on a Texas statute for felony bond jumping that does not apply to a prisoner held in an extradition matter for another state. That Indictment was then used to incarcerate me for another 81 days, and my liberty has been restrained ever since.  These conspirators are now trying to force me to return to Ellis County so they can arrest me on this bogus indictment. They want to send me to prison until I am 80 years old or die.

The evidence on the enclosed CD includes the actual documents signed by Judge Ermatinger and me [Exhibit 2 and Exhibit 3], the forged document [Exhibit 4], and the transcript of the hearing that proves exactly what happened [Exhibit 8 and Exhibit 1]. This is a case where investigation will probably uncover a lot more, but the primary criminal charges are proven by the documents on the CD.

Wilson, Moran, and Ermatinger are criminals. They want to incarcerate me on bogus criminal charges, stop my ability to handle my civil cases, stop my efforts to get them removed from office, disbarred, and imprisoned, and protect their political supporters from a massive legal judgment.

There is a lot more to the story and absolute proof that Ermatinger, Wilson, and Moran have committed crimes to get me.

In the Judge Cindy Ermatinger folder on the CD is a copy of the Complaint that I filed against her with the Texas Commission on Judicial Conduct. I also enclose a hard copy of the Motion for Recusal of Judge Cindy Ermatinger that I have just filed. I have provided the exhibits to my Motion for Recusal. These exhibits prove that Ermatinger needs to be removed from office and prosecuted for the crimes she committed with her co-conspirators.

In the Ellis County District Attorney Patrick Wilson folder is a copy of my Bar Complaint against him. I also include a motion for sanctions against him that provides additional details and evidence. It details the crimes that I believe he has committed.

In the Assistant Ellis County District Attorney Ann Montgomery-Moran folder is a copy of my Bar Complaint against her. I also include a motion for sanctions against her that provides additional details and evidence. It details the crimes that I believe she has committed.

The actions of Ermatinger, Wilson, and Moran caused me to be unlawfully incarcerated in Ellis County for 53 days; charged with felony bond jumping; saddled with a $100,000 judgment; indicted by an Ellis County Grand Jury; incarcerated for 35 days in Ada County Idaho and held on $1,000,000 bond; incarcerated for 46 days in Missoula County Montana and held on $1,000,000 bond; charged with a crime that could send me to a Texas prison for 10 years; and I have not had my liberty for over 500 days and counting.

What’s going on in Ellis County Texas is much deeper than what I am presenting to you. I am far from the only victim. I believe Ellis County is a cesspool of corruption involving judges, court personnel, the Clerk of the Court’s office, the employees of the District Attorney’s Office, the Sheriff’s Office, and the Jail. It is a criminal racketeering operation that needs to be shut down. Please charge these criminals.

I do not answer my telephone because the corrupt people in Ellis County Texas have traced my whereabouts through the phone, and they are attempting to incarcerate me – the goal of their criminal activities. Please email me.

Thank you.


William M. Windsor

Dishonest, Corrupt, and Slimy People in Ellis County Texas

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