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Brady, Michael L.

Accused Party Type
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White Collar Public Corruption
Court or Office
Probate Court - Logan County Government
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121 Greenridge Dr
Accused Address - 2
101 S. Main St
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Complainant Address
10469 Westfall Rd, Amanda, Ohio, 43102
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Note Website 5 below: Read the news story in Dec 2009 where Judge Brown is beating his chest and boasting how he is going to clamp down and make guardians accountable who steal elders estates. Shortly after Chief Justice Moyer died and Judge Brown was appointed to fill his seat for the balance of term. My grossly violated guardianship case went to the Ohio Supreme Court and look who signed the refusal to take the case, Judge Brown. They as much said "we don't care about the seniors" because that is what they did by refusing to take this case. Amazing how well Judge Brown and Brady work together. "Those who speak with a forked tongue for profit are the worse sinners".
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Affidavit of FACTS by Rosanna Miller Feb 14, 2012

My parents were the most simple humble people I have ever known in my whole life. They were born in the depression era and knew what it was like to do without and never forgot their roots. If our tyrannical government operated the way they lived their entire lives we would have the best country of morals, ethics, integrity, total frugality and agape love. Life is in shambles and a bottomless pit without them.

Mom died 11/24/2006 and her death went immediately into a “active” police investigation. Mom was Dad’s caretaker because he has Dementia and Mentally Impaired Incompetent. Dad has been diagnosed by a PsyD and PhD and their Psychological Evaluations confirm this along with four other professionals who testified to this fact. Clair and Ann Miller were married 58 years and knew no other, growing into the roles they took a vow to honor till death. In the end, my Dad’s sickness of mind put her life at risk, and we missed it unfolding right before our eyes. Who would have guessed!

My parents 40 yr old mooching bum son had moved back in their home again, approximately 2 years before her death, but through this episode they stopped accepting his lies of excuses for not wanting to work and function on his own. They issued an eviction notice asking him to leave their home, and they cut him off from anymore monetary handouts. There is more than enough direct evidence to prove this and the history of problems they had with him. James' record is full of convicted criminal activity and maxed out credit debt and we did not know it was this out of control. He is a secret keeper and his attitude is everybody owes him. Unfortunately, less than a month from the day he was ordered out of their home, Mom ends up dead at the bottom of 12 simple steps. Her investigation was unbelievably mishandled and many forensic tests that were refused or withheld by the coroner, police or prosecutor, were never performed. Her death is still an “open” case and unresolved because of those errors. If they had that concrete evidence compounded with the suspect's record, motive, events and pathologists it would be a slam dunk for any prosecutor.

This tragic event forced me to file guardianship for my Dad as I am their nominated Power of Attorney and Successor for their Living Trust. Probate Judge Michael L. Brady breached all laws governing adult guardianships and denied due process by purposely languishing these cases for over 2 ½ years refusing the needed guardianship to put Clair in a safe place and secure his assets. This left James in my parents' home to “control and isolate” Dad for his free ride. He has trained Dad to hate me and the rest of the family by the lies he tells, making him think we are after him or going to put him away. But don’t be fooled, Judge Michael L. Brady is a seasoned Judge who knows what you can do to a Mentally Impaired Incompetent mind. Through this period Judge Michael L. Brady refused us Public Records, forcing me to file a Writ of Mandamus for them. Then I had to file a Writ of Procedendo to force him to adjudicate in the guardianship case. And let’s not forget the plea deals that were made. After all this, Judge Michael L. Brady ruled Clair was “not incompetent” or “okay” when none of the professionals agreed and Clair doesn’t have a clue where any of his accounts are or what is going on around him. This makes the assets free for the taking. Then the judge approved a final inventory of assets missing $177,000 out of a $500,000 estate and Clair doesn’t know anything about the theft. The court system knows exactly what they are doing, and siding with the criminal will make them more money and profit.

New information continually keeps disclosing how badly Mom’s investigation had been butchered or sabotaged or botched, losing evidence they didn’t gather and how this aids the court into doing the unspeakable by helping the suspect get away with this and the other crimes he has committed along the way. The system and criminals mirror the same elevated attitude of entitlement.

Only through a corrupt system could someone get away with her death and paid with her money. And we live in America? But I still have faith people would not allow this if they saw all the evidence and would not ignore the crimes that were committed here. We need the PEOPLE’S GRAND JURY to right this wrong of a most heinous atrocity. This is the worse case of murder investigation gone wrong, elder abuse for exploitation and a government system operating as an accomplice before, during or after the fact. The law and legal system failed us when we are supposed to trust their sworn word to uphold & honor our laws. Anything less is Malfeasance in Office of Oath and Bond against the people, constitutions in our country and treason!

Is there no help in this country to stop these evil acts of tyranny? If you can help please contact us!!!!!! I have documents to back up everything listed in the web links attached and more. I will be loading them up on a website, hopefully coming soon.

Affiant swears on the word of God and her Mother’s honor the above is true.

Rosanna Miller
10469 Westfall Rd.
Amanda, Oh 43102


Judicial Corruption is rampant.  Our rights to a fair trial are a myth.  Many judges are totally corrupt.


Our fundamental rights have been taken away by a government of wrongs. Stolen by corruption.


Misconduct is everywhere. Dishonesty abounds. Perjury, subornation of perjury, corruption!


Abuse, Dishonesty, Corruption.  It's all common with Police and Law Enforcement.


Government Dishonesty is Bad.
We must find honest people
and make them accountable
to We the People.
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