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Coan, Kevin

Accused Party Type
Official - Appointed
Accused Party Title
Elections Commissioner
Court or Office
St. Louis Missouri Elections Commission
Accused State
State of Complaint
Date of Complaint
Rating of the Accused Party
Kevin Coan, a former St. Louis elections commissioner who became one of the poster boys for Republican sex scandals after a 2001 Internet sting, lost his bid to regain his law license.

The Missouri Supreme Court on Oct. 30 denied Coan's petition for reinstatement with no comment, despite the Office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel's recommendation that Coan get his license back.

Coan pleaded no contest in an Illinois court in 2004 to indecent solicitation of a child after allegedly offering to pay a 14-year-old "girl" he met in an Internet chat room $75 in exchange for the girl showing him her breasts and touching his penis.


Claims to fame: Republican; Missouri election official; Internet predator

Moral apex: Arrested in Illinois in 2001 for offering to pay for sex over the Internet from a 14-year-old girl — who turned out to be male police officer working a chat-room sting.

Twinkie defense: Coan’s attorney accused Democrats of framing Coan as retribution for leading investigation into voting irregularities in St. Louis, and said Coan thought he was meeting his wife, and not underage girl, in Illinois supermarket.

Damning evidence: Arresting officer recognized Coan by the photo of himself Coan e-mailed to the “14-year-old.”



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