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Barbour, Haley

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Image 1" title="Jamie Franks (D-Miss.): Haley Barbour Tried to Hide Donation from Pickering to Vitter">Jamie Franks (D-Miss.): Haley Barbour Tried to Hide Donation from Pickering to Vitter
Haley" target="_blank">">Haley Barbour Keeps It All in the C Street FamilyOctober 3, 2009
Louisiana" target="_blank">">Louisiana Dem Party to File FEC Complaint Re Barbour-Pickering-Vitter Money MessOctober 5, 2009
The Barbour-Pickering-Vitter money mess is heating up.
Former Mississippi House Rep. Jamie Franks released the following statement today (October 8, 2009):
This is a serious allegation, and the facts are pretty clear. It does not take a rocket scientist to see there is no coincidence in what happened. It appears clear that Gov. Barbour tried to hide a campaign donation from Pickering to Louisiana Sen. David Vitter.
This is nothing new for Barbour or Mississippi Republicans who routinely use shadow PACs, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and innocuous-sounding groups to hide their political money or to attack Democratic candidates so they can look like they are above the fray. However, this is something a bit more serious. What appears to have happened here actually violates federal law and is a serious offense for a governor who not only represents Mississippi but all Republican governors nationwide.
If Gov. Barbour did nothing wrong, he should simply come forward and say so. He should tell the people of Mississippi that he has not been involved with Pickering in any way when it comes to raising money for Vitter. Short of such a claim, it is hard to believe these accusations are anything but true.



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